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Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Soltice, Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon, and a plain good time

I'm back just a while ago from a great lunch and communion of friendship. A group of women got together to celebrate the Winter Solstice. If you don't know the history of this seasonal mile marker, read a short story here, or google it and read as much as you want. I'll tell you a bit about our own observation.

We were a diverse group in all ways ranging from retirees older than myself to women in their 40s; clinical therapists and artists, nurses and massage therapists, a psychic and an animal trainer; one woman was Wicca, another followed Celtic and Cherokee spirituality, a retired Christian minister. One thing we had in common was our desire to honor the Solstice by supporting each other in releasing that which is holding us down or back in the past year, letting it die and cease to take refuge inside us, then to claim the new beginning and affirm our purpose for growth and rebirth in the new year. What a wonderful, refreshing and non-threatening couple of hours!

In the last few days, it became evident to me that I have a lot of bottled emotions that I'm needing to release and relinquish, and this was the perfect time and place for that. It's been a rough year. It still is! But I feel more focused and free, having the opportunity to "lay it on the table," so to speak. Today was not a "gut spilling," at all. But I wrote down the events and emotions that have taken an uncomfortable hold on me, a way of acknowledging them and then owning them before making a conscious decision to release the ones that are holding me down. What a fabulous feeling to turn them loose!

It was rather emotional for several of us. When you live alone there is a tendency to store up emotional stuff. It is very different from having someone significant in your life, a spouse or full time mate, someone who knows you so well that you almost don't have to say "whatever" out loud. When you're a single, you feel you don't want to burden others with your junk. It's silly, but it is how it goes. So having a circle of friends like this gives me a refuge to say and do what I must about what is weighing me down. So wonderful!

We had a discussion about the Lunar Eclipse taking place tonight. I'm staying up to see it. Are you?  It's not often that the winder solstice and the full moon happen together, and to happen with a lunar eclipse, also, is really rare. The combination of Lunar Eclipse and Winter solstice occurring together last happened in 1638. We won't see this again, folks, so get out there tonight! If you want to know the time in your area, check here.

After our ceremony we had a wonderful potluck and spent time talking and just having a good time together. Lawdy, what good food! I took a wild rice and vegetable casserole that was drop dead delicious! Something I'd never made before, so I just started throwing this and that and something else in the bowl, and it turned out amazingly good! The trouble is .... I don't think I can replicate it, because I just went wild with spices and herbs! Oh, well!

Finally, a bit ago I looked out and saw a gorgeous sunset in the Southeast. Yes, I said sunSET in the southEAST. It is a refracted sunset, but still breathtaking. Look at this ....

Mmmmmm. A near perfect day.  :)


  1. first of all - the photos are beautiful

    your luncheon sounds like it was a great experience
    I too tend to store up emotional stuff, I'm never sure were to put it these days


  2. Thanks, Dianne. I love the scenery where I live! yeah, every woman should have a circle of friends like this. So healing.

  3. It is wonderful to have a circle of friends like that. I have friends here, but none that are "close." My family has always been of the "keep it to yourself" flavor when it comes to emotional stuff, and well my husband is the reason for most of it!

  4. I need a circle of friends like yours. I keep a lot of stuff bottled up inside of me. It is so good that you have this. Then when you see the night sky like that you know that everything is going to be alright. Great post.

  5. beautiful...

    wonderful story...

    my life is so different from any friends I had in the past that they are no longer there with me now. most are still working; many were in the church that I quit and "their" God is different from my God in the fact that since I no longer "belong" by attending they have no time for me.

    my world is my hubster and my kids and grandbabies and that is perfectly fine with me. we have been blessed beyond measure and I am happy to share with my bloggy buds who are perfect strangers, yet seem to like me unconditionally. and happy to meet those along the way in our travels who share the same wanderlust we have.

    as for the eclipse, I'm giving it a's very exciting! mystical.. I wonder if edward and jacob will be watching. if I could be anyplace other than at home tonight, I would wish to be in Yellowstone to hear our friends the wolves howling.... I just may give a howl for them myself!

  6. Merikay, lots of families are like that. I tend to be a little, too. When I was working in the mental health field, it was perfect, because I had a tremendous support system around me. I've really missed that.

    Pepper, it's kinda hard to have that circle when you're on the move, isn't it? That's something I have thought about when I think about becoming a nomad. Yes, I'm looking forward to the night wonderment!

    MM, isn't it amazing how people drop you off their lists when you aren't fitting their boxes of expectations? I had the same post-church experience.

  7. I agree with Merikay. I have things that have NEVER been spoken of and I will likely take them with me when I check out. (Lyn I think you know that from previous conversations with me) So sad. Hubby cant deal with ugly situations.

  8. Men don't like facing emotional stuff, generally speaking. Don't you wonder how we coexist? I know, opposites attract, but ....


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