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Monday, December 13, 2010

Not that I'm counting .....

.... but ....

Today I am 2/3 of a century old!

A friend pointed out to me recently, when  wished hm a Happy Birthday, that in a few months, he would be exactly 2/3 of a century old. So I started counting, and I figured out that TODAY IS MY AUSPICIOUS DAY!!!

Wooooo Hooooooooo!!


  1. Happy Birthday Lyn! Why isn't it listed on FB so that all your friends could wish you a Happy Birthday???

  2. So, you're 66.66666666666666666 years old? or did you round up or down? LOL!!!!

  3. I got the 66 + 66 days as well. I'll have to remember that and wish Craig a Happy 2/3rds a century in a couple of months!

    He has a friend that is exactly six months older than he and they always call each other and wish each other half birthdays!

  4. Well, it is a key milestone anyway. Congratulations on reaching it, and on being able to do the math. Both are an accomplishment.

    I guess I have that to look forward to in a few months.

  5. LOL! Moni, I guess if they aren't interested enough to follow the link and read this, they must not be TRUE friends! Thanks!

    Cyndi, are you a math teacher, perhaps? Any way you look at it, it come out to a partial day, and I didn't carry it to the hours! I actually divided the year (365) by 1/3 and figured it from there, and I don't remember whether it was 66 or 67.

    Merikay, I'm not sure your math formula is correct. 365 ÷ 3 = 121.66666666667 X 2 = 243.33333333333, so you would count 243 days from his birthday. That is 66 years, or 2/3 century minus one year, then add 2/3 of the year to make it exactly 2/3 of the century. Does that make sense?

    I like the birthday game Craig and his friend play!

  6. RET, are you that close to my age? Cool1 OK, the formula is up there for you to use! Thanks!

  7. Happy 2/3 century (give or take a day or so). Of course to make it really accurate, you'd have to take your birth time into account too. :p -s-

  8. are looking great in your facebook picture (which I see on your sidebar). €he cowboy hat and lipstick...hubba hubba...I think you could easily attract a 2/5 of a century year old man.

  9. Yeah, S, I considered that, but my head began to throb! LOL! Thanks!

    Now, Mary, That might be pushing it a bit! But thanks, anyway. I needed a little boost of morale!


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