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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ed Ames on Johnny Carson

This is the famous tomahawk throw by Ed Ames on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. In case you've somehow missed it in the past. It's a total hoot!

Oh, lawdy!! [wiping tears from eyes]


  1. OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDD How nice to see it 1965 and Johnny and I were SOOOOO young. Thank you for posting that Lyn......its as funny now as it was way back then. L laughed through the whole thing....ty ty ty

  2. That was funny Lyn, I've never seen it but do remember Ed Ames a little!
    It's gonna take me forever to catch up with you, I've been a lazy blogger lately! Love Di ♥

  3. Ruth, in 1965 I was a brand new mother, turned 21. Talk about young!! Oh yes! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Di, one of my favorite memories of Ed Ames s his voice singing "My Cup Runneth Over." Lawdy, he has a beautiful voice.

  4. And Lyn in 1965 I was an "experienced mother of 2 and must have been up late feeding the youngest. Funny the things we remember from days gone by.

  5. Yes, it is, Ruth. And what memories they are! We've lived through some good times, haven't we?

  6. Excellent! - I had never seen it, but seem to remember Ed Ames from old films.

  7. Yes, he was in many kinds of media, and I always liked him. He never hit really big, except in music.

  8. This must have been one of the most priceless moments of TV history!

    Everybody knows who Johnny Carson is but I've never seen that other guy before.


  9. Betty, I'll bet you've seen him, but didn't know it. He was never a lead, always "second banana" in movies, and he was one voice in The Ames Brothers who sang very mellow, beautiful tunes in the '40 and '50s. He also sang along. He has a gorgeous voice. If you've heard "My Cup Runneth Over," chances are it is he who is singing. You can probably find that or something else by him at Amazon or on iTunes.


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