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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A great way to wake up

A few nights ago I woke and couldn't go back to sleep for a while, so I was channel surfing. I found My New Favorite Show.  Well, I have several "favorites," and I'd hate to put one above the others, but this one is right up there. Anyway, the show was coming on at 6:00AM, and at 3:00 I figured (hoped!) I would not still be awake for that, so I recorded it, two half-hour shows from 6:00 to 7:00. I watched it later on, and now I'm recording it every morning and watching it whenever I have a few minutes or there is nothing worth watching or whatever. This morning I woke and didn't feel like reading, but wanted something to pass through my waking up, lounging in bed time. I watched a couple episodes of this and laughed my head off!!! What a delightful way to wake up!

The show is Carson Classics. Each segment is a collection of snippets of some of the best moments of hilarity and goofiness from the Tonight Show while Johnny Carson was the host, or as many of us called it, The Johnny Carson Show. In my opinion, Johnny Carson wasthe best host ever on the Tonight Show. Others have been good; Johnny was simply the best.

One of the segments I watched this morning was from a 1978 show, and I was particularly enjoying a few things:
  • Johnny in his bold plaid sports jacket!! Hard to believe those were once in fashion.
  • I noticed some segments of his show went on and on. If the hilarity was good, they didn't shut it off! Oh, for the days of live TV with the control being in the hands of the people on the set, not the ones who paid for the commercials!
  • There were microphones in front of everyone. No clip-ons that follow voices all over the stage, so things were sometimes made more funny by what you couldn't hear!
  • The humor was almost all clean. A few references with innuendo, but not a lot. And it was funnier because there was a lot more play on words to deliver a point. Many commedians now just aren't funny to me because they can't say two sentences without foul language, and while I'm not a prude (I've been known to use, ahem, a few bad words) it just isn't funny to hear so much poo-poo punctuation in the lines.

 I especially enjoyed his list of things from a "new" book out called Hottest New Business Ideas of 1978. These caught my attention and made me chuckle, while the audience was amazed at them:
  • Books being recorded on tape so you could listen to them
  • A remote control to start a car from inside the house
  • An instant thermometer, like a bandaid strip that you placed on the forehead; "N" showed up for no fever, "F" if there was a fever present.
  • A man who was doing videotapes of homes for a Real Estate Broker, so he didn't have to leave his office, saving time in showing customers the properties.
  • A "bark light" that turned on when the dog barked. A forerunner to the "clap-on, clap-off" lights?
  • Shoe inserts that had water between two layers of foam, keeping the feet cool and comfortable.
So many things that we take for granted today were "amazing" thirty-two years ago! It was really fun listening to this list and watching the other details that make the years melt away and seem so distant, all at once!

The best part of it all is that I laughed and laughed for about 45 minutes while I watched the show. What a fabulous way to wake up! And thank goodness for DVRs, so I don't have to wake up at 6:00 to get my dose of laughter!

I miss Johnny Carson.


  1. What network or station is that on? I'd love to DVR it too. I think Johnny Carson was very funny, and the banter between him and Ed McMahon was always good. :)

  2. Judy, it is on REELZ. I have DishNet, and it is channel 289 there. I hope you can find it. It is really fun!

    BTW, are you on Facebook? If so, get in touch there, also.

  3. Makes you wonder about what is amazing now that will be common place in 32 more years.

    I think the rush to commercials has gotten out of hand especially on the morning news shows. Every freaking segment is so rushed you wonder why they bother with the show. Why not just do all commericials!?

    I like Craig Ferguson's late late show. He isn't very much like Johnny Carson except that they are both funny in their own way.

  4. Mary, our world is all about commercialization, isn't it? I was ragging about the commercialism of the holidays, but it is pervasive into all our lives. Well, as I say, way too often these days, it is what it is.

  5. We rarely stayed up late enough to watch him. So I never really appreciated his talent.

  6. Lyn I love Johnny Carson too. The funniest show I ever saw was when he had Ed Ames as a guest. He was going to show his excellence at hatchet throwing. He had a piece of plywood with the outline of a man drawn on it. Ed threw the hatchet and it landed on the plywood...smack between the legs of the drawing. Johnny lost it, Ed lost it, the audience went nuts and it has been shown many times as a classic stunt gone crazy!!!

    It must be on the internet somewhere........its worth searching for LOL

  7. In the late'60s and early 70s, we lived in several houses that were not air conditioned, so I did my ironing late at night when it was cooler. I pressed many shirts while watching his show!

  8. Oh, Ruth, I remember that! It was hysterical!! and referencing back to my comment about commercial interruptions, if you remember, that segment went on and on with the audience and everyone on the stage consumed with laughter! Yes, I'm sure it is out there on youtube!

  9. We have Reelz. I'll have to look for this, Jake would like it too.
    Love Di ♥

  10. LOVED Johnny Carson!!!!! I spent many a night with Johnny rocking my babies.

  11. Di, enjoy!! I know I do!

    Daisy, isn't it interesting how out babies figure into it? LOL!


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