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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Odds 'n' ends

I got a haircut today with a new stylist in town. I think I like her. I have to play with the hair for a couple days to see but it seems like a good cut. The stylist I've been going to is OK, not great, and she's rather timid, always asking me how much I was cut off (I have no idea how to determine that), or if I want this or that, things that she should know from previous cuts. I don't like my wishes being ignored, but I want a stylist that knows her job and is confident. The new lady seems pretty confident and secure. She knows the stylist I was going to a few months ago who had to quit because of health issues; in fact, she had her hair cut by the same woman, and she knows how hard it is to change stylists (or doctors or dentists!). Anyway, the cut seems right. I hope it works.

Then I went to my shift at the thrift shop, and I was SO busy! The first 20-30 minutes were slow, only a couple people in, and then for two hours, I was swamped! I had over 30 customers in that time, and made sales to all but a handful.  Crazy!

While I was there, a local potter brought in some simple pots she had made to show her students the colors she had to put on pots before being glazed. I brought home these two. Chips and dip, perhaps?

I thought they were just fun. They aren't "art," but they are unusual.

When I got home, I was thinking about how the pups are going to do when I start a job. I know they will be OK, but the one sad thing is that they are used to having me here with them pretty much every day. It's going to be a change for all of us. Life rolls along. I couldn't have left them two years ago, so there is some sort of reason to this plan. They will be alright.

Look at this. Joey and Sam are good buddies. I often find them both on the floor, or wherever, close together. They start out investigating something together, one of them lays down, and the other follows suit. I really love that they are such sweet friends.

A little later in the evening Joey was looking for something in the living room. He just kept circling the room sniffing and clearly he wasn't finding what he wanted. He went to an area where the pet traveler used to be. There is a sherpa carrier there, but not the hard sided one he likes best. He went into the sherpa, but came right back out. That was clearly not what he wanted.

You see, a few days ago I did some minor rearranging of furniture. It was only a little, but one thing that was moved was the carrier to a place that would be easier access for him. I hadn't thought about it till tonight, but now it dawned on me that I hadn't seen him go in it recently. So I called him over to the new location of the carrier and showed him . His tail began wagging furiously, and he scooted right in!

The boy was glad to see his "home"! I'm surprised he didn't know where it was. It is only about 3-4 feet away from the previous spot, but it is behind a different chair. I don't know .... maybe he already found it and just was being appreciative of my efforts by wagging his tail and going in. Whatever!

And I'm noticing my chair legs need a good oiling and polishing!

But first, I'm gong to bed!  Night!


  1. Pottery is cool, chips and dip for sure. It will be an adjustment for the doggies when you begin work, but they will adjust. They will be extra happy to have you home. I am hoping that you will only work part time at first until you all make the adjustments.

  2. Moni, I'm planning/hoping to work just part time. It will depend on several factors, of course. And I agree, the pups & I will all adjust. :)

  3. I hear ya when you speak of stylists! A good one is so hard to replace. I'm still searching.

    Your pups are adorable. Have you had any leads on a job?

  4. RET, yes, I had an interview earlier this week that I feel good about. I also have dropped off my resume at one of the local school districts for subbing. I'd love something more predictable than subbing, but I think I'd like teaching, so .....

  5. I love those dishes...those are the kinds of things I love to pick up...or did, when I had a house. LOL!

  6. Being a rolling stone has its drawbacks, doesn't it? LOL! But I'm sure the trade-off is worth it!

  7. Love your dogs! Animals can be such creatures of routine.
    Hope you can find a part time job that you love.

  8. Those 2 pots remind me of cowboy hats.

    And speaking of hair stylists, the last one who trimmed my hair claimed that she didn't know what to do with hair as long as mine (just a little longer than shoulder length)! What the &@$?# is she doing cutting hair then?


  9. Betty, funny you would say that! While she was cutting my hair, she mention a stylist she went to for a haircut who said almost the same thing! Bizarre!!!


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