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Friday, January 07, 2011


The massage was wooooooooonderfuuuuuuul. This lady know what she's doing, and it is hard to believe she is a student! Lawdy.

Her touch was perfect, heavy enough to do some good, light enough to not be painful, and she knew exactly where to "hit" me. Goodness sake, I feel soooo good. I'll be scheduling more with er, for sure.

When she was done with me, I did some paperwork for her credit, and while I did that, she gave the dogs a massage! Especially Max. He was in doggy heaven!! I swear to goodness, his eyes looked like they were rolling back into his head much of the time. And when she sat on the floor to massage them, Sam immediately ran over to her and flopped in her lap. Shy Sam! Nervous, untrusting Sam! Wow!

Life is very good right now!   :)


  1. Haven't had one for several years. But I love to get them when I can afford it.

  2. I am getting something called a Pfister or Pfizer massage next Wednesay. It is some sort of lympahtic release massage.

  3. Merikay, I'm hoping her fees will be affordable. Since she is still a student, she hasn't set them, but she gave me a ballpark figure that is very affordable. I'm typing with crossed fingers!!

    Mary, I'm not familiar with that. She did a basic Swedish massage with some Reiki thrown in, because I have fibromyalgia and can't take anything really intense. It was soooooo gooood.

  4. This may sound totally crazy, but I have always wanted to go back to learn how to be a massage therapist. I love giving back and neck rubs and I feel so at peace and calm when I am doing it.

    This afternoon I laid on the floor with Sophie and gave her a nice massage and she was in heaven. At one point Ben was with us and I was giving them both a massage at the same time. My pets are so lucky. lol.

  5. Not crazy at all, Caroline. I've thought about it, too, but arthritis in my hands would keep me from effective.

    I think I need to massage the pups more often. After watching Max melting into a puddle ........

  6. I've never had a massage but suppose that I could use one from time to time! My Pug Ruby, loves getting a massage! Love Di ♥

  7. Di, NEVER?? Oh, girl! You must. It is the best thing in the world for those aches and pains! With fibromyalgia, I'd have one every day if I could afford it! It really does help a lot.


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