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Friday, January 07, 2011

My day

Well! Yesterday was .... interesting.

I woke up to find one of the dogs had thrown up on the bed. Ick. It was rather liquid, and as I stripped the bed, I found it had gone all the way to the mattress pad (barely), but fortunately not to the mattress. I began washing the bedding, and ventured into the living quarters to start the day.

I began to fix The Kids' breakfast, and I glanced into the living room to see .... blech .... another spot of vomit in the middle of the carpet. sigh. I finished fixing their food and began to prepare to clean the spot in the carpet. I vacuumed around the area because I decided that since I was getting the carpet cleaner out, I might as well do all the main area of the living room. The carpet cleaner isn't difficult to set up and is very easy to use, but I hate to set it up for just one spot. Besides, since there is snow/damp earth outside, I supposed the dogs are tracking in enough that cleaning only the spot might show up really badly just how dirty it is.

After cleaning the living room carpet I decided I might as well continue to the bedroom, our second-most used room. When I was finished with that, I was preparing to clean and put away the machine and to put the room back in order. As I moved my cart of plants back to the window .... wait for it .... wait for it .... one of the pots toppled off, spilling black potting soil onto the damp, off-white carpet!

All I could do for a moment was just stare, unmoving, as if I had been playing freeze-tag. Damn. So I scooped up as much of the spilled soil as I could and moved the cart out of the way. And it toppled AGAIN! Now I had two ugly stains! I confess that I said a nasty word. Twice. And the dogs scattered!

After picking up as much as possible, I ran the cleaner over the area again. And again. And again! Most of the nasty dark stain came up, but after five (5!) repeats, there was still a visible grey stain. I decided I would let it dry (after all, it was thoroughly saturated by now), vacuum it and if necessary shampoo again. It will probably not be completely dry until tomorrow. I just hope it will come up. gah.

I showered and went into Capitan. I was going to make asparagus bundles for the potluck last night and I needed to get the vegetables, as well as some fabric softener, as I'd used up the last in my bottle before getting all the bedding done. On my way out, I stopped at the highway to pick up my mail and discovered I've lost my mailbox key! Now, I've only been one place since the last time I picked up my mail, so I called but they had not found it where I parked. Nope. Well, fiddle-sticks!

I drove to the Nogal post office where, fortunately, they had another key. Otherwise, they would have had to drill the lock and replace it, taking several days. My next trip was to the mercantile/hardware in Capitan to have copies made. gah. Another set of delays in my day. My original plan was to be to the store and back home again by noon, and it was now going on 2:00.

I got to the grocery store and found they have no asparagus!!! Good grief! I'm at the store without my recipe file to check out ingredients for some other recipe. I decided the only thing I could really do was a salad. I knew I had several cheeses at home, so I bought baby spinach, Roma tomatoes and avocados. (At home I added feta and mixed up a dressing of olive oil, white basalmic vinegar basil and garlic. It turned out great!) Then down the street to Linda's studio.

At Linda's I was picking up a small coffee grinder I'd loaned her. She has a new coffee maker like mine that grinds and makes coffee with one push of a button, so she didn't need it any more. I also use it for grinding herbs, so having it on hand is good. She knew I was coming so I was surprised when I got there and she was locked up! Her car was there, so I knew she wasn't far away. I went next door and a friend said the grinder was on the work table, so I tried the back door since Linda sometimes leaves that open when she is just gone for a short time. Nope. Locked. I check a couple other places that she frequents, but could find her no where. I headed home to fix the salad, feed the pups and turn around to go back to town for the dinner.

The dinner was great, as usual. Our group has grown, but it has grown in a healthy way, including some new people who are great fun to be with. The good is always wonderful, as it was last night, and the company is better than I can describe. We laughed and laughed last night while we ate and ate. Laugh and eat, laugh and eat .... is there anything better? I think not!

When I got there I asked Linda if she brought my grinder and she smiled and said yes. Then she left before giving it to me!

What a day! Nothing serious went wrong, yet it seemed that I just couldn't accomplish anything on MY schedule! When with the universe learn that it's ALL ABOUT ME?????  LOL!

I'm enjoying a quiet morning. I noted on FB earlier that it is so nice to spend the morning reading in a house so quiet that all I hear is the soft tweety-chattery noises of the finches and the occasional cycling of the furnace off and on. I wish every day could be this laid-back. This afternoon, I'm looking forward to having a massage. One of our new potluck members is going to school to be a massage therapist, and as part of her final work, is giving free massages to thirty people. Lucky me to be one of the thirty!

This day is certainly starting out better! giggle.


  1. Gracious, what a day. Let's hope today goes better.

  2. You sure started your day all wet! I do hope the potting soil all came out in the end, of your light-colored rug.
    I do have a problem with unaccountability. If you say you're going to be there, then be there, or at the very least, leave a note. So sorry you had to wait for your grinder...oh, wait, you still didn't get it back, right...drats! My time is valuable to me so when things like this happen to me, I do get a bit irritated.
    Your salad sounded great. But the massage, oh, lucky you.
    Have a wonderful afternoon.

  3. Linda, I think it will. So far it's good!

    Dar, I should clarify .... I didn't say I'd be there at a specific time, just that I'd drop by. She had walked to the post office and ran into a friend to chat with. Not a big deal, just a little inconvenience. And not an irritation, either. It was just part of the crazy train of boo-boos during the day. It's all good, and actually laughable! But thanks for the concern. :)

  4. Your day sounds like my everyday! Only kidding! A massage sounds perfect! So did your salad, it made me hungry, I LOVE salad....
    Love Di ♥

  5. What a day! You deserve a break after all of that.

  6. As you say, a bit of a higgledypiggledy day but not so bad, except for all the extra work you had to do. Shoot the dog! (maybe not)

    Sounds like your evening was a great success.

  7. I just had the massage, and how heavenly it was!!!!!!! I'm gonna have more with this lady, fer sher!!

  8. As you said nothing really bad happened, but it all took way to much time and all the little troubles do add up.

    I hope it will be your worst day for a long long time!


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