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Thursday, January 06, 2011

What were you?

A fellow blogger, Donna, had an interesting blog this morning. So I stole it. Of course I did! I’m like that!

She said it is interesting to know what people have done as jobs or careers in their lives. I agree. So here is mine. Read Donna’s, too, then go home and write yours! Leave a note in the comments if you follow this trek in your own blog, and we’ll all run over and read it!


Of course I did the obligatory babysitting as a kid through junior high school and high school. In the 9th grate, I got my first “real” job as a clerk, stocker, do-everythinger in a record store. For those of you who are younger than this ol’ lady, a “record store” sold “records,” an ancient forerunner to 8-track tapes => cassette tapes => CDs.   ;D  Yeah, I know, you don’t understand what 8-tracks or cassettes are, either! That was a dream job for a teenager, as I got to see and hear first hand all the newest releases, and I was able to buy them before most of my friends! I worked there after school and on Saturday until I graduated from high school.

After graduation, I didn’t go to college. I didn’t know what I wanted to study, and I thought it was a waste of time. My parents were not especially happy about it, but understood when I said I’d love to go, be with my friends, but I’d probably goof off and drop out as all four of my older siblings had (at that time; two would later complete degrees and one a master’s). I thought I’d work a while and figure out my direction and go later. So I took a job at the credit bureau doing office stuff. In less than a year I was the office manager. Then  I got married, had babies and forgot about college. For a while.

I continued working in the financial field in a loan office for a couple years. OK job, but not much challenge. After the birth of my second child I began working for a doctor as his assistant. After a move from New Mexico to Kansas City, MO, I did a short stint in an insurance office, than back to the medical office for another 11 years. I did the front office and office management in this position, until I decided to go to college at the ripe old age of 36. I carried 9-12 hours evenings and worked full time for several years, then took two years to finish the bachelor degree and master’s degree at the age of 44. With that .... I were a social worker!

I spent the next 18 years working with families, helping them to take lives in a different direction. I loved, loved, loved this work. Toward the end of this tenure, I was dealing with emotionally ill clients during the day and a husband who was physically and emotionally deteriorating daily, and it became a very difficult life. I happily retired late in 2005.

After returning to New Mexico I worked for a year and a half in an art gallery, doing sales, office work and public relations. I enjoyed it, but the collapsing economy crushed that job, so I’ve been home for a couple years now. As the economy is continuing to cause discomfort in my budge, I’m now looking for a job. Who knows what that might be? Another new career? Perhaps ! Stay tuned!!



  1. Love that you chose this topic...isn't it fun! I do love learning more about my friends.

  2. Oops! I meant to go back and leave you a note so you'd know I posted this! Glad you're on top of it! And yes, it is fun!

  3. Hey...record stores might come back! In fact I am thinking of getting a turntable 2mrw. Musicians, at leat the 'cool ones' are back to making LPs again.

    Loved reading about your jobs!

  4. We have all had such varied careers! Enjoyed reading about yours. :)

  5. Mary, there are actually quite a few record stores around. Most deal with the oldies, I think. I haven't heard a bot a comeback. Interesting!

    To both of you, thanks! Now write about your jobs!


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