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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New year, starting over and finding an old friend

It is 2011. Are you saying "two thousand eleven," or are you saying "twenty eleven"? I've used  both, and I suspect with time I will use the "twenty" designation for the century all the time. I've heard discussions, both online and IRL about this, and the thing that makes me laugh is that apparently no one cared until just recently. We completed the first decade plus without me hearing any discussion about it. I think it's funny how we can sometimes suddenly realize this sort of thing. I remember my grandmother talking about the change of the last century. She said everyone said "nineteen hundred blank-blank" for many years. I remember her saying "nineteen hundred fifty seven." I think it was in the 1920s that she said people began saying "nineteen twenty three."  Well, many say (and I believe it) the world is speeding up, so perhaps we have just "figured it out" sooner.

I've had an interesting holiday season. There has been some good and some bad stuff in Lynilu Land. I've shared a lot of meals and companionship with friends during the past month. Several potlucks, a couple of restaurant gatherings, all which have been wonderfully yummy! I've enjoyed the company of friends even more than the food. Oh, my! What fun it has been! Now I'm having a touch of that post-holiday let down. You know what? We should work on getting together often during the year, holiday or no, spreading the fellowship out and not cramming it so intensely between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  Anyway, I'm fine after a few days of pouting because the party's over!

On the sad side is the two divorces I mentioned a few days back. Both seem to be moving on, good or bad. I'll just be so glad when it is resolved. One does not have children to consider; they are grown. In some ways that makes it easier, but on the other hand it also results in a greater sense of being alone.The other has children who are furious and devastated, so their mom has to deal with her own emotions AND theirs, but she isn't alone. I don't know which is worse. It just stinks, no matter. If people have just sorta drifted apart and no longer have high emotional ties, it is different, perhaps. Both my girls still passionately love their husbands. I've certainly seen them vacillate back and forth across that infamous fine line between love and hate in recent weeks. I'm hopeful that both will come out on the other side of this with enough to get by financially, with a strong sense of self worth, and without becoming so hardened that they can't move onward and upward. Tall order, I know, but I'm holding out for that!

Many years ago my late husband bought one of the original Ronco Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ units. He was such a fan and frequent purchaser of things that fall into the category of "As Seen on TV." Lawdy, we had so many gadgets! Now, I'll admit, I liked a lot of them. I still use the Magic Bullet, a little mixer/blender, just the right size for doing a single blender drink. I love it for drinks or small chopping/blending jobs.

Anyway, the rotisserie is another one I really liked. But for whatever reason, I have not used it since before he passed away. That was five years ago, and I'm guessing we hadn't used it for a couple years before that.

My hub liked it so well that he bought one for all five kids one year. I don't remember the price, but it was not an inexpensive item. I'm vaguely remembering a figure around $1000 for the whole family. I don't know if all the kids still have theirs,  but Allan does and he uses it often.

So I had a chicken in the fridge, and I knew I had to cook it today. I was trying to decide how to fix it. There is one way that is scrumptious, but it entails treating the chicken (with some things that sound very odd, I might add, but is delicious!), and refrigerating it overnight before cooking it. That was out because of the time frame involved. I pulled out cookbooks and checked my recipes in the computer, but nothing was grabbing me.

Then I remembered the rotisserie. I didn't even know if it still worked. It has been well wrapped and stored in a cabinet on my deck for 4 years. I brought it in, and plugged it in. It did work, so I cleaned it up and skewered the chicken. The nice thing is the rotation makes it self-basing, so unless you want to add seasonings, you have nothing to do but wait. I  opted for some rosemary and garlic in a little butter and olive oil which was brushed over the outside as it made the first few rotations. Lawdy, does it smell good!! I was actually going to have it for dinner, but as the smells began to fill the house, I decided it is for lunch. I'll snack for dinner!

Don't ya love rediscovering an "old friend" like this?


  1. Continuing to pray for you and both your kids...HE is faithful!
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  2. I am also praying for both your family members going through divorces right now; especially for the younger children. Divorce is so hard no matter what.

    Oh my gosh...I had one of those rotisseries as well. I loved it and used it all the time. Mine came with a basket and I used to cook steak in it all the time. I have no idea what happened to mine.

  3. Thanks for the prayers. It will work out, but I keep reminding both girls that sometimes our paths don't take us where we planned and that sometimes it is even better when we quit fighting the inevitable and get past the rough times.

    Caroline, I'm guessing your rotisserie might be in Louisiana! Everything else you weren't hanging onto is!!

  4. I send my sympathy to you and your family on the trying times that a divorce brings. One of my daughters is going through the same thing. It is so devastating, but somehow we do come through such things, sometimes for the better.

    Your chicken rotisserie sounds interesting. I'm glad you were inspired to cook yourself up a treat.

  5. RET, we each have our personal kind of challenge, don't we? And yes, we survive it. :)

    As for cooking myself a treat .... I take good care of me! ;D

  6. I will keep your daughters in my thoughts. Divorce is tough, but it can be a positive thing in the end.

    Now you've made me want a rotisserie. I bet your chicken was delicious!

  7. SVB, yes, and I've been reminding them both of that. It's just the "now" that is painful, you know?

    The chicken was/is amazing!!

  8. The happiest women I know are all either divorced or widows!

    What does that say for the future.

    Hopefully after this painful time your girls will decide it was for the best.

    I love all kinds of chicken!

  9. Merikay, I think after the shock is worn off, that is true. I think eventually, they will be alright.

  10. Well there ya go, A new way to fix yer chicken! I wouldn't mind one of those. I think it's in Tennessee,not sure on this, there is an "As seen on T.V." outlet store! Jake and I always wanted to go inside but he says he'd end up spending too much money!! Me Too!!
    Sorry to hear about the divorces, they can be messy and sad. I know. But hopefully the girls will come out stronger because of it. I know that I did!
    I find myself always saying, two-thousand,eleven. It does seem sort of silly since I used to always say nineteen,whatever! I've never thought about it until now! Maybe I'll change someday who knows!?
    I'm sorry about your January Blahs Lyn. I have been perking up a bit but those first few days were really rough! For me, January is just too long and it's not pretty here in January, we don't get much snow so everything is just dead and dirty looking! But on a good note, our spring starts in March!!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Di, thanks. I think the same thing about the girls and their struggles. I've told them so, but of course, right now they are having trouble seeing that in their futures.

    I've said recently that I hate they've taken the SuperBowl out of January. That used to be something to look forward to in this dreary month! Even if you aren't a football fan, the excitement of others and the Bowl parties gave something to spice up the month. Rats.

    If *I* ruled the world ....

    Oh, well.

  12. I agree! I was never a HUGE football fan but always had fun watching with Jake. The Superbowl was something to look forward to. But ya know Lyn, they have to change EVERYTHING!!!!
    Gosh don't I sound like an old broad now?!!! Love Di ♥

  13. Di, no, you don't. Human nature resists change, and I'm leading the parade!!


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