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Monday, January 24, 2011

A surprise on Sunday, and a first day today

Yesterday morning I woke to a surprise.  I went to the kitchen to start coffee, and I saw about two inches of snow! I didn't watch weather the night before, and I didn't see anything about it online. I'm not the only one. A friend who lives in Capitan said she was surprised, too. It was really pretty, but the sky was almost clear, so I knew it wasn't likely going to last. And it didn't. It was almost all melted before noon!

A little later I was in the living room, and I noticed that the wind was stirring the snow on the roof and the trees, blowing it around. It was gorgeous! When the sun is shining brightly and snow crystals are dancing around in the sky, they sparkle like diamonds!  Here is a little video, but the sparkle doesn't show up as well as it does in person. Still pretty!

I didn't get this posted yesterday because, for some strange reason, this video wouldn't upload. Something in the air of Bloggerville, I suppose. Anyway, I'm glad it posted today, if for no other reason, just so I knew it wasn't something permanent about uploading videos. I hate those moments when I don't know if it's me or .... whatever. I'm glad it's (apparently) not me!

Well ... today was the first day of my new job. It went well, in the "first day" sense. You know how it is during those first few days when so much information is coming at ya, so many faces and names, and I tend to just absorb whatever I can and try to not stress over it. My boss asked me about how I learn best, and since it is by doing, the hands-on part, she gave me lots of overviews, then I'll be going through files in the office and on the computer over the next few days and seeing what I can soak up. I'll keep a list of questions or "duh, I don't get it" things and talk with her for clarification.

The nice thing is that my predecessor was a highly organized person, so I won't be needing to sort out the grain from the chaff. It is all neat and organized, just waiting for me to get hold of it and begin to absorb it and make it my own. 

The organization seems to be a friendly one. My first impressions of those I met today were good. It feels like a place and a group of people that I'll be pretty comfortable with very soon. The only hitch was that no one had been in the building where my office is located (there are two buildings) before we got there, and the thermometer is turned down over the weekend to 55°. It was c-c-c-cold in there! Remember, I like my space to be cool; I keep my house at about 65° to 67° during the day and 58° to 60° at night. But this was c.o.l.d!!! Within a few minutes, both of us were chilled. She turned up the heat, but it is a big building and was taking a long time. Then we noticed the vent into my office was closed!! She climbed on the desk to reach it and opened it. We went back to the other, warmer building and did as much as possible there. 

By the time I left to come home, the office was comfortable! I mentioned that I'd get a space heater and bring it in to take care of that problem on Monday mornings, and she said that there are some already there. She will find one and have it available for me. Whew!  Listen when this girl gets cold, it is really cold! I was home a little after 3:00, and it was nearly 6:00 before I felt comfortable. I was chilled to the bone! I sat on the couch in sweats and with a blanket over my legs, finally getting a big mug of hot tea to warm the inside of me, and it evened out! That won't be every day, thank goodness, 'cause, as I said, it was pleasant in the office by the time I left.

I brought home some reading materials and some of the "new employee" forms, and made good use of my time while I was warming my bones. There is more paperwork to do tomorrow, including TB testing and getting fingerprinted for a background check.  Providing my office is as warm as I think it will be, I'll be sitting in my office learning about the facets of the job most of the day.

Now .... if I can just keep up my resolve for getting up and out the door. I'm NOT a jump-up-and-go kind of person. I usually take a couple hours to do email, drink coffee, cuddle with the dogs, all that stuff. That is now reserved for weekends. sigh. I'll get there, but it is going to take adjustments, for sure.  Wish me luck, OK?


  1. So thankful you are settling into the new job! I understand about getting cold..I am the same way. I often say, "I am cold to the bone!"


  2. Day two will be much better Lyn.:)
    Early to bed and early to rise, lol. I always wanted the evening shift when I could get it, since I am not a morning person.

  3. Andrea, I'm usually not one to get cold, but when I do .... yike! It just goes all the way through me!

    Moni, I hate to admit it, but I'm at an age when there is a fine line between too early and too late! LOL! My energy peters out by late afternoon, so I just have to balance as best I can! Actually, these hours should work out well, basically 9:00 to 3:00, with lots of flexibility for my own convenience. Really can't beat that.

  4. Good luck to you! Sounds like everything is going to work out fine. :)

  5. Thanks, Judy!! Yeah, it'll be fine!

  6. I like that the new boss asked how you best learn. That is a great question to ask new employees.

  7. So glad things are working out well at your new job.
    I can relate to being cold to the bone by the time you get get home. I used to fill the tub with hot water and sit in it until my bones thawed out.

  8. I do wish you luck! Weekends are such a joy for me. It's the only time I can sit around in my pj's and read magazines so I treasure it. Getting up at 5:15 has been a struggle too. I hope you'll enjoy the job so much that the getting up part won't be so bad!! 9:00 start time doesn't sound bad at all!!

  9. So far, all is going well. There is so much to learn, but it'll come. And Deb, 9:00 isn't bad at all! I'm just used to sitting around in my PJs till 10:00! LOL! I'm learning!

  10. When I get that chilled Lyn, the only way I can truly warm up is to lay in a hot bath! After that I'm good. I was going to suggest a space heater and then you mentioned one! I have one in my office at church. We keep the heat turned down and I hate to turn it up for the short periods that I'm there. It sounds like an o.k. first day. I'm sure you'll get used to getting around earlier again especially once spring comes around! Take care and good luck,oh and your video was cool!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Di, I've made it through two mornings. One more, and I've got it, by jove!! LOL! And thanks!

  12. Good luck Lyn...It wont take you long to get the hang of it all, and nice you will have some new friends too. It will eventually be nice to get up, dressed, make-up and out the door, and end up feeling like you have had a productive day. The kids will adjust!!!! Off to Fl Thurs AM - there better be warm weather or I will protest!! Pretty well all packed and as usual, taking way too much but I insist its all necessities LOL Will keep in touch. BTW temp here right now is minus 22 Celcius (in F thats approx 12 below zero) Damn cooooool.

  13. Ruth, I've been thinking about the fact that I will have the opportunity to meet new friends, too. You know me .... I like that!

    Drive safely! There are storms in FL tonight, but I suspect it will be fine by the time you get there. Talk to ya soon!

  14. My studio is always very cold in the winter. I have a space heater that I put near my feet and feel comfortable pretty quickly.

    If my feet are warm, am warm enough!

  15. Merikay, you're right, but it's my hands, too. If my hands and feet are warm, I can endure about anything!

  16. And so great that you found time to update us on how your first day went. Sorry about the cold, that makes it harder to function. Every Blessing


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