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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2 done

 I'm adjusting. Day 2 is done, and I haven't had any huge problems with getting up and around. Well, except I left the house without my lunch and had to come back. Thank goodness I was only about a mile away. Then I got stuck behind a road grader going 12 miles an hour on a narrow winding road with no passing zones anywhere. So I ended up being about 7 minutes late for work, but since the schedule is flexible, there was no harm.

Learning so much. I'm impatient. I want to know it all NOW! I keep reminding myself that it will come, and for goodness sake, it is only Day 2!! I want to know the bits and pieces so I can really do the job, and as I keep saying, I will get it in time. sigh. I keep telling certain friends of mine, "Patience, Grasshopper." I guess I'd better tell myself that, huh?

And The Kids are adjusting. They seem to be doing just fine. I keep reminding myself that they have been left for several hours on many occasions, even up to 12 + hours when I do day trips. I also remind myself that time has no meaning to them, so they don't really know if I'm gone for 15 minutes or 15 hours, and they don't know that me being gone several hours every day is any different than me being gone one day, home for one or more and gone again. I haven't come home to bloodshed or house-shred, so I'm assuming they are getting along OK!  Just think .... two years ago I absolutely could NOT have done this. They were simply too uncivilized to be left alone for long. If you remember, I couldn't leave Sammy, in particular, because of the trauma he lived with, and neither he nor Max were very reliably house trained. Sometimes, leaving for an hour left me with something to clean up. Yeah, we've come a long way.

Speaking of The Kids .... look at this "happy bed."   As you can see, this is one evening when they actually left me one side of the bed! Barely, but I had room to get in and out without detangling myself from one or two of them!

Three ===>

<===and Two

Yeah, we've come a long way.  :)

I got to go with my boss to a local facility today to assess for a volunteer or other services and needs. The man had already had the overall assessment, but our task was to check for the need of such things as the need for a volunteer as a companion or other needs. As the coordinator of volunteers, this will be something I will do when an admission is made, so it was a good field trip for me. And I have to tell you, I have never seen a home like this one! There is room for only three residents, and it is just gorgeous! It is like a regular home, very nice and comfortable. Lovely story behind it. The couple who run it live in their home next door. They built this place to house their own aging parents, and after they died, the home became a place for others to live. The woman is a nurse. What a perfect way to use the space.

Sunday night I had trouble sleeping. I didn't think I was nervous, but I must have been somewhat. I slept a couple hours, woke and had a little trouble going back to sleep. When I did, I did that thing that absolutely wears me out .... I dozed and woke, dozed and woke, dozed and woke until I finally gave up and got out of bed about 6:00. I didn't feel the tiredness during the day Monday, but last night I was ready for bed early. Last night I slept very well, thank goodness. But I'm a little tired again tonight. I'm probably going to hit the hay pretty quick.

Mornings are a bit of a challenge. I'm used to hanging out in my PJs until mid morning! I usually don't schedule anything out of the house till late morning or early afternoon, so being showered and dressed, having animals and birds fed and watered, having my breakfast and making a lunch and going out the door no later than 8:30 is just not easy for me! I know I will get used to it, but it isn't easy! Oh, BTW, before anyone says it, I actually do as much of the above as possible the night before, but there are odds and ends that I have to do in the morning. For one thing, I have my lunch planned and partially prepared and packed, but I don't make my sandwich at night. I don't like how it feels kinda soggy if it's been in the fridge that long. Yeah, I know, I'm just picky! Tomorrow I'm having homemade chicken noodle soup. It's out of the freezer and thawing in the fridge, so tomorrow morning will be easier since I won't have the sandwich to make.

On a different note, both of my girls are doing pretty well. Not to say they aren't both still sad about the ending of the marriages, but both are in better places emotionally now. It's a process, and it just has to be lived through. There isn't a short cut. I keep reminding them and myself that the end of a marriage is like a death in the family, and it must be grieved. I'm just relieved that they are beginning to live their lives again.

Look at this. My three society finches have completely taken over the little nest. Every evening, the all crawl into it and are there when I get up in the morning!  So cute!

I guess they think they are "society" and have to be separated from the others! LOL!

And the little Zebra finch I inherited from Linda sits on top and guards. He did this a lot before he moved in to our cage. His little mate would go inside and he would guard from the top. Sorry it's blurry, I was in an awkward position and he moved before I could get a second, better shot.

The two spice finches just hang out on a perch, not being spectacular or doing anything cute, so they didn't get their pictures taken. HA!

I need to go to bed. So here .... enjoy .....

The Capitan Range in half shadow.

See the snow on the ground between the trees and the mountains? It's hanging around here and there. I'm not sure what is keeping it in that particular area.

It was a very pretty sunset reflected there.  No wonder my dogs and birds are so happy here!  :)


  1. Well it's lovely to see blue skies! And the birds are so cute as are the dogs! Speaking of which, whenever I leave, mine sleep the WHOLE time! They don't eat, don't make messes and I usually find them in the same position as when I have left!
    I often think that it must be nice to sleep at will!
    I'm glad to hear that things are going a little smoother for your girls Lyn. I think if anything, they will become stronger for it. It's just sad that it has to happen that way. I'm so happy that things are working out for you. You deserve it!
    Love Di ♥

  2. My, what a menagerie you have! :)

  3. A lot going on up in your neck of the woods. Kudos to you for handling it all with typical aplomb.

    And a new job. Very exciting. I've had very limited contact with hospice folk but the lady I do remember meeting had such strength of character, something that sounds much like what you have there. Good luck in your occupational endeavor there.

  4. A very comfortable set of dogs. I'm glad that they are coping OK with your being out at work. I know what you mean about mornings. I have to take meds first thing and they tend to knock me out..... but then I was never good in the mornings. It will get easier hopefully.

  5. I often have an every other night sleep pattern. One night I will be awake a lot and the next I sleep soundly!

    I have never tried getting up a doing things because I'm afraid I would just get in that habit!

  6. You seem to be adjusting to the changes pretty good, don't be too hard on yourself.

  7. I think you are doing great and your little critters are too. Hopefully this job will be the answer to your problems!

  8. Hey, all! And thanks for the good words. Yes, I think it is all going to go well. There is always much to learn with a new job, and I don't like the feeling of not knowing enough to be actually doing it all yet. I know, silly. I just want to be productive and busy!

  9. Sounds like things are going well. The change of routine is tough, but soon it will be routine.

    Love the pictures.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. How in the world did I miss this post? Love the pictures of the dogs and of course your birdies. I have a new interest in birds because D has 3 finches that I just love. I love sitting around and just hearing them talk.

  11. Aren't finches just delightful? What kind does she have? Right now, I'm listening to soft little chirps and tweets. They do this when they are winding down in the evening. So sweet!


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