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Thursday, January 27, 2011

4 down, 1 to go ....

.... and then a weekend! whoosh!

I'm getting it! It is slow, but the peces are beginning to come together and gradually make sense.

Yesterday I got the newsletter pulled together and ready for publication and mailing. It really wasn't a big job, but I had to figure out a few things about the software before I could type the pieces into it. Today I was able to make sense out of several other pieces of the tasks and began to put them into perspective that made sense to me. It's coming, it's coming!

This afternoon I was fingerprinted. No, I was arrested, but I did have to go to the police station and be finger printed for a background check. Have you ever been printed? Boy, is that an experience! They had to do three sets of prints, and by the time they were through, my hands were a holy mess! They give you a substance to remove the ink, a gritty stuff, and it took several applications to get it all off, then you still have to wash, and it took two applications of soap to get the remnants off my hands. I can't imagine that being done with an uncooperative arrestee.

Potluck tonight. It was, as always, so very good! We had 18 people gathered almost shoulder to shoulder around a conference table, and we had! I love this group of people. It has changed, grown, morphed, and evolved over the last four years, and the group we have now just knocks my sox totally off! Ages range from mid 40s (well, occasionally younger, as tonight we had a 17 year old and a 7 year old) to 78 or 79, and what a wonderful time we have. Always! There are a handful of others that are not regulars, and most of them are good folks, too, but this group are the "full times" who come to almost every dinner, and they are awesome.  Tonight I toasted "the best damn potluck group in the county," and boy it go over well. I think that is our unofficial name now!

OK, gotta get to bed. I'll be glad when I get the new polished off this job, so I can feel somewhat normal again, including being caught up on rest! I'm actually slelepng well and long enough, but the stress is taking a toll. As I said, four down, one to go and then I can have a weekend! I'm sleepin' in, fer sher!


  1. I've no doubt that you'll get used to waking earlier and get moving. It's just harder the older we get. The one day a week that I clean, I get up at 5:45 and am out of the house by 7:40. But then I am used to going to bed pretty early, 9:00 or so.
    I think next week will be better. And I KNOW that you'll enjoy your weekend!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Glad to hear the new job is going well. I knew you were going to like it and I love that you are back into the social work field.

    I have been fingerprinted, but I don't remember what it was for. I think I was going to Avila and we visited one of the practicum sites of another student and they showed us what it was like to be fingerprinted.

  3. It's great to hear your first week has gone so well, and that you've had no major problems with the five rascals.

  4. I thought you wrote this was a part time job.

  5. I was printed several hundred years ago when I was hired by National Defence on an Air Base, also investigated by the RCMP for the same position. BTW i got the job LOL Sounds like you are getting all your ducks in a row and you will be very successful.
    Quack quack!!!

  6. Di, I'm actually getting up about the same time, just a few minutes earlier. It's the "getting moving" that has me stymied! I'll get there. :) Yes, I'm so ready for this weekend!

    Caroline, yeah, it is good to be back in the field. I'm glad my postion is a step removed from the front line, to be honest, but it's good to be where I am.

    Now, girl, I can't believe you don't remember the details of your finger printing!! I would have expected you to remember the date and the time, too! LOL!

    Linda, thanks, and yes, it is all good!!

    Merikay, it is! I will probably be working about 25-30 hours a week. I did just about 29 hours this week. Not bad!

    Ruth, I'm sure you weren't any more worried about it than I was. Squeaky clean, right? Quack, quack!!


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