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Friday, February 11, 2011

Random and odd ....

.... because that's how my mind is working this evening.

Here are some random photos from the last few days.  First, snow. And yes, I know everyone is sick of snow,  but I thought this was so pretty, looking across the valley at the Capitan Mountains.

I love looking across at the hills and seeing all the snow in between.

And I love seeing the mountains  covered with snow.

And I caught Lolita having a bad hair moment!

Doesn't it look like she is saying, "WHY do you have to take a picture when my hair is standing on end? I have an image to protect, you know!"

And here is a bright spot.... my geraniums have bloomed a little all winter. I love to see this .... inside, spring; outside winter!
I used the flash on this, and it lightened it too much, but it's a better shot with the snow showing.

This one is actually the right color. It is so cool having some pretty blooms in the house to offset the winter blahs.

I'm SOOO glad it's Friday. The job is getting a little easier, but I'm still working really hard, and I'm tired! I suppose by the time I reach about three months, I should have a routine established and be able to balance things better.

I wonder if I will be able to get back to posting here on a daily, or almost daily, basis, as I used to do. I'm clearly not there now! We'll see as time goes on. I guess I'm not doing too badly, as this is my 5th post in eight days, but it seems less than to me.

Well, I'd better go feed some hungry furry-faces. They won't let me drop to five feedings in eight days!


  1. Get plenty of rest and enjoy your weekend.:)

  2. I remember when I started this new job last fall. Even though I had worked at this school for many years and knew the students and teachers, just learning the job was exhausting! Almost 6 months later I am finally feeling like I am getting a handle on things and learning to make things easier on myself. Give yourself time to get in the swing of things. You sound an awful lot like me, someone who really wants to do a job well and make a difference. You'll be there soon!

  3. Moni, I promise I will!!

    Deb, believe me I know all that.I've always told people I hired to give themselves time. The first 3 mo is spent getting to know the system, the people, the rules, the procedures, etc.; the second 90 days period is usually pretty good as you begin to feel reasonable comfortable and are fine tuning your style; the for about 6 months, you feel frustration at how you think you know it all, but little irritations keep popping up as things don't go *as you think they should*. After approximately the first year, you "own" a job. Now that I've said, that, you understand that *I know it,* but living it is something else!!! LOL! I'm a lost cause!

  4. Give yourself a break. A new job is hard on a person.

    Your flowers really are lovely. Isn't it nice to see them bloom?

  5. I'm just glad that you're here! I tried bringing my Geraniums inside too Lyn but they just slowly died?!
    Is there some secret that I don't know about? Love Di ♥

  6. Your geraniums are beautiful! I haven't been online in awhile (my nephew came to stay for a few months) so missed seeing that you have a new job! Congratulations!

    And I love all of your pictures of snow. You live in such a beautiful place.

    Take care,
    Mary Ann

  7. RET, I try! I like feeling productive, and I'm beginning to be at that stage. And yes, I'm so happy to have those pretty little blooms. Another plant just opened blossoms, too!

    Di, this is the first time I've tried bring them in, and I'm pleasantly surprised! I certainly have no secret. I've done nothing but water them and keep them in a west facing window. I have them in three rooms, and it seems to please them.

    H, Mary Ann! I haven't heard from you in a while! Glad to hear/see you again! Thanks about the flowers and snow pictures. Yes, I love living where I do. :)

  8. OK, this is very weird! I've had several internet bloopers this afternoon, but this one beats ALL!!! See that comment above from Terri? Yeah, well, that is from ME!!! I have no idea what happened! [cue the spooky music]

  9. I was wondering if you were writing under a different name because it "sounded" like you!! haha, that's funny!

  10. your pictures are always so beautiful . . .even if her hair IS standing up!


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