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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The REAL storyof Valentine's Day

I'm posting this today to allow you time to recover by tomorrow!  chuckle!

Do you know about the origins or Valentine's day? It ain't all hearts and flowers!  Check this out. Now you can go back to normal ideas about the romantic aspects of the day. If you want to, of course!

Oh, OK! I'll help you a little by teasing your sense of humor ....

Now .... go forth and laugh and give out hugs!


  1. So that's why Valentines Day is in February.

  2. That cartoon is so true - especially this year with all the snow everyone has had.

  3. Love the is so true but it is usually "ME" at the end of the shovel...any cupid that comes near me better watch his aim...I'm NOT in the mood....poor hubby! LOL LOVE the toon tho

  4. good ol Hallmark... but in this case I'm glad they sweetened the pot!

    your cartoon is cute! no snow in AZ tho! great day here also~still have the window open after 8 pm!

  5. Eek! Glad I'm celebrating in this century. Loved the cartoon, especially the cynical little Cupid. Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland in the previous post, both indoors and out. And you are doing great to post so often while meeting the challenges of a new position. Happy V Day!

  6. That was so cool Lyn! It really does remind me of how this winter has been around here, it's laughable!
    Thank God springs around the corner.
    Love Di ♥

  7. Not very auspicious beginnings for the festival.
    My Valentine's Day is nothing like either the cartoon nor the origins, I'm glad to say.

  8. Hi Lyn,

    We're finally a little settled here in Nevada. At the moment, I'm able to piggyback off someone else's Internet. I'm considering doing something else, but this is cheaper.

    Hope all is going well with you.

    ~hippo hugs~


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