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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good news/Bad news

Yep, I have both.

I've had some health junk going on. BAD - A flare-up of fibromyalgia was one thing, and it was not a terrible one, but still uncomfortable. A combination of severe cold and stress with the new job, I'm sure. GOOD - That has passed.

BAD - I've also had a flare-up of diverticulitis. This is the first problem I've had in eleven years. I know I probably brought it on myself with, again, stress, coupled with a poor diet. I've not been eating as wisely as I usually do, making sure my diet is balanced and fiber-rich, and I'm paying for it. If you don't know, diverticulitis is a chronic condition of the intestine, causes severe diarrhea when the intestine doesn't function correctly and develops an infection. Vile and nasty. And dairy products, nuts, seeds make it worse, so I've been avoiding those. I was taking Immodium to stop the diarrhea, but it doesn't stop the cramping and roaring in the gut, and it makes me extremely tired. I was hardly able to function. GOOD - After more than a week of trying to get it under control, I began a bizarre diet recommended by a nurse friend. It consists of soy milk, rice baby cereal, and mashed bananas. I began it yesterday, and within a few minutes of my first "meal," the diarrhea stopped, the cramping and rumbling stopped, and I've felt much better!

BAD - This morning I took a lukewarm shower. My water heater apparently has stopped working. I've noticed for a couple weeks that it seemed the water wasn't as hot as usual, but honestly, I didn't think a lot about it. I just figured I wasn't that used to showering that early in the AM. Well, was I ever wrong! I made a call to the plumber, but he can't come out until Thursday afternoon. Woopee-ding-dong. I'll be taking some "spit baths" with water heated on the stove for a few days. gah. GOOD - None here, not just yet. This has to wait till it is fixed or replaced. The good thing is he doesn't think we will have to replace it. Thinks it is a coil that needs to be replaced. I hope that's all.

GOOD (nothing bad to precede this!) - Today I took one of the volunteers (V) to meet one of the hospice patients (P). I had met P on my second day of employment. He was not doing well at all. Everyone thought he didn't have long, and  would have agreed. He was nearly comatose, dozed most of the time I was there, but did respond to questions with nods or simple one-word replies. He let me know, however that he thought having a volunteer come out to spend time with him would be a nice idea. It took me a while to get my ducks in order with weather and my health and to get together with V, but today we made the journey.

Now, I'd been told P was doing better and might even be able to go home again eventually. But I was totally unprepared for what I found. P was up and walking around! We introduced ourselves and spent the next hour and a half totally enjoying him! P talked non-stop! And he was very mentally sharp. At one time he was talking about a piece of property he and his son own, and he said, "It's a nice piece of land. Let's see there are 19 acres and 24 on the other side, so it's (split second pause) 43 acres." I couldn't have added it that fast, and he just popped it right out. The man's mental capacity is wonderful.

But here is the best part .... both P and V are older men. I knew they were probably similar in age, but we learned during the visit that they were born just eight months apart, both being 86 years old. Both served in World War II, both were pilots, one in Europe, the other in the Pacific. Both were from Texas. Both attended the same college after returning from the war. Their homes are just a few blocks apart, and they have many common friends! And as they talked, they figured out that V was in a local hardware store a few days ago, and he chatted with P's wife as they stood in line to pay. I couldn't believe it! I just sat quietly  and listened to these two sweet gentlemen talk about the old days. It was just a delightful time!

As V and I left, P walked us to the door and said to V that he looked forward to the next visit. I was thrilled to have such a great connection. Life can be just amazing at times, can't it? Yeah, this made up for a lot of the stuff up there listed as "BAD"!


  1. I thought hospice was for people who had less than six months to live. Is this true?

  2. There's not a time limit, although some insurance companies may offer a limited hospice benefit. Generally, hospices services are available if a person with a life-limiting disease wishes to discontinue treatment (such as chemo, radiation) and continue only comfort care measures, they may be ready for hospice care. Many people who are considered "terminal" may receive services either in home or in a facility until they improve enough to do without the outside intervention. Some are in and out, depending on the circumstances.

  3. I'm glad you are working. I know this brings stress, but I think the blessings of communication, connections, usefulness, and money will far outweigh the stress of working.

    Take care. I enjoyed reading about the dear people you are working with.

  4. I think that is the way life is Lyn, good and bad things happening all the time. If we didn't have some bad things going on, we probably wouldn't appreciate the good. Have a good week at work.

  5. It seems as though you are keeping a positive attitude, even with the setbacks. I think your job of helping others is also helping you.

  6. what a wonderful story! that certainly had to warm your heart and make you feel so great that you were able to bring these two souls together to share these words with each other. how fulfilling!

    i think it seemed like your bads were being outnumbered by your goods~? glad the fibromyalgia left and the diverticulitis seems to be winding down with the diet change! good to have a nurse friend!!

    now about that shower~girl, you haven't lived until you've run out of hot water in October in your RV with shampoo on your head! hope that tank is fixable!!

  7. Your story about P and V made all of the bad worthwhile Lyn. That's where the saying "It's a small world" really means something! I have the diverticulitis too. So I know what you went through. My mom always said that bananas were good for diarrhea.
    I don't have it very badly so I am good but every now and then, it really gets uncomfortable.
    Good luck with your water heater, may it be a cheap fix like my fridge!
    Love Di ♥
    P.S. God Bless those honest repairmen!

  8. Glad you found a solution. Be well!

  9. Glad you ended on an upbeat note. It's true you never know what's going to happen when someone is supposedly nearing their end. I'm sure your work there is interesting.

  10. Huh. Seems like the Universe wanted those two guys to meet but it took a more convoluted route than just finding each in one of those places they have in common.

    PS hope you feel better soon!

  11. RET, I'm glad, too. It definitely is worth it!

    Moni, you're certainly right on that.

    Teri, my mom used to say something like "You have to grin or it'll eat you alive." Oh, yes it will!

    MM, it is a good story, isn't it? I just love it! And about the shower .... YOU WIN!

    Di, remember that "formula" if you have a bout with the diver! It really works! and, yes, I hope my heater is a minor fix. I really can't afford a major one!!

    Thanks, Bob! Me, too!

    Dave, I like the work a lot. I know it wouldn't be for everyone, but it is good for me.

    Mary, isn't it interesting how things happen like that? I'm always fascinated with how the universe gets things done. And thanks.

  12. I am glad you found something that allows you to eat and get some nutrition and not feel so sick. I hope in the coming days you will feel 100% better.

    Love your story about your visit with the patient. It's these interactions that make what we do so great.

  13. Me, too, Caroline. I'm not out of the woods completely, but I'm feeling much better. 75%, not 100%.

    And yes, that's what make it worth the effort, for sure!

  14. I will say this Lyn, it's much easier to keep up with you posting since you've been working! LOL!
    Love Di ♥

  15. I'll bet that's right, Di!! chuckle!

  16. The P and V experience must have sent your sense of doing worthwhile stuff over the moon! That was great! I have a friend who has fibromyalgia and my mother has suffered the diverticulitis thing. I cannot imagine flare-ups of both around the same time. Glad you got some relief.


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