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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wouldja believe it?

After two days without hot water, I woke in the wee hours this morning with an interesting thought. I wondered if by some fluke the breaker switch to the water heater had been thrown. I dragged my sleepy behind outta bed, opened the box (fortunately in my bedroom) and  ....voilĂ !!!!!

Damn, I'm smart! I'm just not quick!!


  1. [singing joyfully] I get to take a shower, I get to take a shower!!!

  2. Your co-workers will probably be singing too! :)

    Slow and steady wins the race!

  3. A shower seems so wonderful when you can't have one.

    Glad things are going better for you.

  4. Lyn I'd never have thought of that! At least you didn't have to pay the serviceman to tell you that, now then I would have been embarrassed!
    I am happy for you.
    Love Di ♥

  5. That's great news and I am sure you are thrilled that you get to save a little bit of money and get hot showers.

  6. It seems you had one of those moments when I can almost see you hit yourself 'upside' the head. I never would have thought of it, so good for you!

  7. Glad it was just the breaker. Much cheaper than replacing the water heater. But what caused the breaker to switch?

  8. Judy, they probably were! No, I did bathe, a "bowl bath," if you will.

    Linda, the shower felt absolutely luxurious! Thanks.

    Truenorth, perhaps, but when it comes to the shower, I wish I'd been Speedy Gonzales!

    Di, I was so glad to not have another unnecessary expense! Remember the dishwasher debacle back in Oct and Nov? Thanks.

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate having both shower and money, Caroline!

    RET, you're right about that! I rolled my eyes at myself!

    Merikay, the plumber and I agree that it was possibly during a brief power outage. if the heating cycle is at a certain point and there is a surge, he said it can do that. I had only one serious outage, but several momentary ones over the past few weeks with this incredible winter weather.

  9. Remember the tortoise as you enjoy those hot showers! Sorry about anonymous comment on previous post (one with windmill photo my fav). Just call me technologically dysfunctional!


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