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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunset stuff

As you know, I rarely show pictures of sunsets because, as gorgeous as they are here in New Mexico, I live on the wrong side of the mountain to see them. I'm on the eastern slope, so the mountains block most of the rich colors. I enjoy the reflected light on the mountains north and east of me, the Capitans. Like these two a couple days ago.

I really love how the  shadows add drama to the early stages of the sunset.

The contrast, the definition is just beautiful.

Then, last night, as I was driving home, I was going west and I saw this ....
Look at that molten gold! And isn't the windmill interesting?

And the "shadow" in the sky over Nogal Peak!!!!

So pretty!

And then tonight I noticed there was a vivid sunset, and although I can't see most of it .....

Can you believe this is just a tiny part of it? I'd say it is about 1/4 of what was in the sky!

.... this was breathtaking!

Just for fun, I took some shots of some trees around the office with the sun behind them.

This looks almost like snow on the needles, but it's sunshine.

An interesting gnarl of branches waaaay up there in a Ponderosa pine.

I like the shadow-effect.

The sky was so blue behind the needles.

It was a beautiful day!

It's been a good week for photography!


  1. There is so much to see if we just take the time to look!

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I really liked the yellow sky sunsets. Nice.

  3. 1 more thought. You should post to

  4. Lyn that third photo with the windmill was professional quality! You should print and frame that one.
    They were all good but that was just too perfect!! Love Di ♥

  5. What great pictures and I love the one with the windmill. Just beautiful!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful place you live in. I must see that state someday.

  7. Great photos.
    No sun here, just shades of grey.
    How dare you have such brilliant light when half the world is shrouded in dismal rain clouds.

  8. beautiful pictures as always . . .

  9. Yep! The first one with windmill was my fav, too. And clicking on them to enlarge bumped up the drama on them all. i enjoyed this visit!

  10. Scenes like that are why western films have always been so popular. Seems like I've seen shots like this in so many movies, but you never tire of them.

  11. LOVED the pics (especially the ones with the windmill). I need to get me a better camera...mine it really too crappy to take decent pics.


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