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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puzzles of all kinds

I finally broke down and went to a doctor. I'm now on two antibiotics. And I'll be scheduling a colonoscopy soon.

I'm doing much better but not "right" yet. But I'm to the point that I need relief, because I'm so tired .... no, exhausted .... from the drain on my body and the antidiarrheal medication that works like a sedative. So I'm looking forward to feeling many times over improved in the next few days.

I selected a new doctor, because to schedule the colonscopy, the GI doc requires there is a Family Practice or Internist doctor on record. As they explained, it is in case something should go wrong, for instance with my heart, during the procedure. So I picked a doctor, but I'm not fond of him. I was cautioned that he isn't the most, uh, patient friendly around, but he was quick to get in to see, and I needed relief. True to that caution, he pissed me off right off the bat! He was condescending and asking some rather stupid questions, considering the answers were on the multi-page form I filled out! Don't you love how they make you fill all that out, but obviously don't look at it? Some do, but many don't, and it galls me. He also misstated several things (I said I was having chills, then he said "so you have a fever," and couldn't get it through his head how many years since I'd had a siege of this. And the topper was when he asked (1) "how do you know it is diverticulitis, as there are many things that can be wrong with the colon" and "how were you diagnosed" for diverticulitis. (1) Another doctor told me so, and (2) it was nearly 20 years ago, I was being diagnosed with multiple tests for several things, and I honestly don't remember what tests were done! I was having labs or tests every 1-2 weeks for about three months, and I can't recall what was what. So at this point, I said, "I guess you could call my doctor in Kansas City and ask him about it if you need to know."

After that, he was more attentive and calmed down to a nicer tone. However, I won't go back to him. I will return to the little clinic I went to before. There is a Nurse Practioner there, and she refers to docs for special things. I couldn't use her this time, because the GI doc wanted a physician in case of emergency. However, I'll trust her to treat me and make referrals as necessary.

BTW, I was looking at his diplomas and certifications as I waited (for over an hour!) and I know what part of his problem is .... his undergrad degree was in .... wait for it .... Electrical Engineering! Twelve years later he got his MD! Yeah, bedside manner of an engineer. Don't get me wrong, I like engineers. My son is one! But the thing is, compassion is not necessarily the strong suit of engineers. Oh, well! Anyway, it is quite a leap, and I wonder what makes one take that kind of change of direction.

I've been putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I finished it last night after ten days or so. You know how it is with jigsaw puzzles, you always swear there is one piece missing? Well, there was!! It was a brand new puzzle, so there was a factory glitch or, more likely, one fell off the table and a dog ate it. I guess I will just toss that puzzle. It's aggravating, though, because I looked and looked for that piece, right in the middle!

OK, I guess it is time to start another puzzle. See ya later!


  1. I'll say a little prayer for you and your problem tonight. Take care.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been sick. I thought the crud I had last month would never go away. It finally did. Don't you just hate it when a puzzle piece is missing?

  3. I am sorry that you are still not feeling well. Hopefully the medicine will kick in soon and you will feel back to normal. Sorry about the doctor, but his first degree sure does explain the lack of bedside manners.

    I have never had the patience to put together a puzzle, but if I did put one together and couldn't find the last piece...I would be pretty upset.

  4. I think the most important thing with having a colonoscopy is trusting the doctor. Find one you trust. Then, get in right away. You need to be checked.

  5. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Sometimes it is hard to find a good doctor.

  6. Hope the GI has a better bed side manner.

    I had a colonoscopy ten years ago and it was no problem. I was asleep thru it and had no side effects.

  7. Thanks, Bob. It's appreciated. :)

    Judy, thanks, and yes! It drives me crazy to not find that losing piece!

    Caroline, thanks. I'll be better, I'm sure. As for the puzzle .... it's like reading a book and finding the last chapter missing!

    RET, yes, trust is paramount. The GI I've been referred to has an excellent reputation for being caring and responsive to patients. They won't do the scoping until I'm completely over this junk, however. It will probably be a couple months before I will be scheduled, but I'll see him and make my assessment in a couple week, in all likelihood.

    SVB, thanks. I agree about choosing a doctor. It's a tough search! When I moved here, that was one thing I hated. I had a fantastic doc in KC, and I hated leaving him behind.

    Merikay, I've had several. I don't mind the scoping. I just hate the prep!! Icky!

  8. Where did my comment go? I demand to know where my comment from this morning went! I wish to speak to the supervisor....
    Oh I can't even remember what I said now, darn it. Except that we used to love doing puzzles when all of the kids were still at home but had to give them up because even if we covered them, the cats would steal the pieces!
    I'm sorry about your new doctor Lyn. I like mine but if anything goes wrong he has to refer me to some idiot! All of the good ones go to St.Louis.
    I do hope and pray that you start to feel better soon. Maybe the stress of the new job set things off. Either way, I'll be praying for you to get better soon!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Sorry friend, that you aren't feeling well. I am glad you are getting some engineering, er, I mean medical help for that! lol

    puzzles . . yup, I have NO patience for puzzles! good luck with that!

    oh, and i will cross fingers and paws that you are on the mend soon!

  10. Di, you're just losing it! chuckle!

    I left my favorite doc eve in KC. :( Oh well, life moves on. And thanks. :)

  11. Beans, thanks. And I was thinking .... perhaps an engineer might do better at fixing me, scientifically speaking!

  12. There is nothing worse than not feeling well and having to deal with a doctor who lacks compassion and anything close to a nice bedside manner. There is just no excuse for it, I don't care how good you are, you need to be sensitive and kind to your patients needs. I'm glad your not going back because there are lots of very good doctors, who are kind and sensitive. Sometimes, they get so arrogant, they forget who they are working for. I hate that you had that experience, when you are not feeling well, that is the last thing you need. Grrrrr
    I hope and pray, you get into the right doctor soon, one who is a good match, for your kind and good soul. I will keep you in my prayers, that you find the best doctor and you can have the procedure done quickly and get some answers on why you are not feeling well.
    Love you and praying for you in bitter cold, snowy New York.

  13. Cheryl, thanks. It will all work out. You're right, thought, about having that kind of experience isn't fun anytime, but especially when one isn't feeling well. I just don't get people who are like that, period.


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