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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow days #1 & 2

For the few of you who aren't having it, this is what snow looks like .....

The truck, about a third uncovered.

There was a ton of it on poor little  Blue Belle!

I just finished getting most of that off the truck just a few minutes ago. The sun is shining brightly now, and those ice crystals have mostly melted at this time.  Those two pictures were yesterday afternoon.

This morning, the drifts around the truck were past the hubs and over most of the running board. That means the drifts are at least 15 inches. Drifts against the house are approximately 28-36 inches, as well as I can estimate. I didn't go out and measure, because I didn't want to be knee deep in snow, thank you very much!

It was bad enough that just as I finished getting the last of the snow off the truck, I swung the long handled ice scraper/window brush over my head to another location, and I hit the tree branches above me. I got a load of snow down the collar of my coat!!!! I didn't put up the hood, because it obstructed my view while looking up toward the top of the truck. I didn't even think about that low branch!!! Damn, that was cold!! I came inside immediately. It's still below zero. I'd been out for about 10 minutes, and was l pushing my time, anyway, but I was close to being done and wanted to finish. I'm finished!!!

This is the north end of the driveway, very steep, and the part that stayed frozen (2-4" of ice) until I managed to get it clear last winter. I'm really dreading driving down this, because it will pack down (=ice) unless I shovel it. I don't have the energy/strength to do this. It's looooooong, probably 50-70 feet.

This grill isn't going to be used any time soon! I uncovered this at least five times yesterday!

I measured the snow on the trash can, and it was 17".

The railroad ties are covered at least 2 deep.

The lowest, partially covered tie you can see is the 3rd from the bottom!

Standing in the back door, looking down at the steps. You will notice there are no puppy prints there. Nope, they won't even venture out there! The snow is deeper than they are! They are going to the deck. I'm gonna have a lot to clean up, but it is better than losing one of them in the deep snow!

That mark to the left of 3.5 is a minus symbol.

I have beautiful ice crystals on the outside of most of the windows.

Are we having fun yet??? LOL!


  1. Beautiful to look at, but that's the best I can say about it. :)

    Sorry you got dumped on!

  2. Wow, that is something else. Beautiful but no thanks.

  3. LOL! Trust me, looking at it is better than experiencing it!!

  4. beautiful pictures Lyn, but man I feel that dump down your back!

    aren't Mother Nature and Jack Frost the best artists?

  5. MM, you said it! MN and JF are fabulous! I could have done without the snow down the neck, but I can't blame them for that! ;D

  6. We only got about an inch of snow but the wind blew so hard that most of it drifted off somewhere. Only 14 for the high today but we are having some sunshine. Should get to -5 tonight and will break all kinds of records.

  7. Yep, tonight looks to be a regular bitch! our wind chill will be .... gasp .... -25 to -40° !! I'm staying in!

  8. Your pictures are beautiful but what a pain in the arse! I am so glad that the bulk of it missed our town. There were power outages in neighboring towns from all of the ice. We were lucky, just a bit of ice and about an inch or two of snow but it's still snowing.
    My driveway is that long too. It has an incline but much smaller. When it gets too bad, I stay home. I used to shovel the whole thing! Not anymore.
    I think that we all will be happy to see some signs of spring.
    Love Di ♥

  9. Di, when I lived in KC, we had a snow blower. On days like this, I wish I'd brought it!! Actually it wouldn't work well, 'cause my driveway is gravel, and I'd be throwing rocks everywhere! Therefore, I don't do anything, either!

    I'm glad you didn't have a bad time with the weather. It's a booger many places, and if you have a protective dome, enjoy it! :D

  10. It's all very beautiful, but I'll just look at the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  11. RET, I like to have something pretty to go with the nasty cold! You've have terrible cold up there, too, haven't you?

  12. Itsure is beautiful. We, who have tons of snow most of the winter, missed the storm entirely. We got about 7 inches on Tuesday night and about 7 inches last night. That is nothing for us.

    I hope you warm up soon and are able to get back to life.

    ~hippo hugs~

  13. Isn't it interesting how the weather patterns seem "confused"???

    I'm already warmer, HC. But "warmer" means I'm above zero for a while longer; back down there overnight, hopefully not anything nearly like last night!

  14. Ya gotta admit it makes for beautiful photography...but remember.....NEVER NEVER PUT YOUR TONGUE ON THE METAL

  15. What beautiful pictures!!!! I love the first couple pics that show how much snow is on your truck. I love the way the snow looks on your bright blue truck.

    I read today that since Nov. 1 Breckenridge has received 324 inches of snow...I think I have found my heaven on earth.


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