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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Storm, 2011

Yesterday morning I got up to make coffee just as the sun was about to rise. I looked out the front window, and I immediately grabbed my camera and ran out to the deck.

Do you see that sliver of the moon on the right side?

It was so crisp and sharp appearing. Just gorgeous!

I wanted to see the sun peek out, but I had to go get ready for work. This was my final view.

No beautiful sunrise this morning. The sky was totally socked in with heavy clouds that were already dropping snow. It has remained that way all day long! When I posted a note last night, I forgot all about these pictures. That's OK, it's a nice way to end this day.

Today has been pretty bleak. Actually, it is really pretty, but it was just a dreary day. I didn't take pictures. I thought I'd wait until all the snow is down before recording it. I'll take pictures in the morning. I decided to wait for the greatest snow amount possible before taking pics.

Today has been very strange. It has snowed all day long. All .... day .... long. There were a few times when the sun peeked through, and it was beautiful, making the snow sparkle! It was  otherwise dreary as could be all day long. Visibility was very low. Most of the time I could see only a few hundred feet. I really hate when I can't see like this. It's not claustrophobia; it's because SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) gets to me. I didn't have that problem today, but it was still not a cheerful day.

The temperatures have been low. It got to 11° for a short time, and I know that is  better than a lot of the rest of the country. It's still damn cold! The dogs didn't even want to stay out today, as they usually do, barking at deer and rabbits and cars, so it must have been cold even to them! A while ago it was down to 0.1°, but it has come back up to 1.7°. I guess the cloud cover is holding in some of that, uh, well, heat (?).

I have about a foot of snow now. It is still coming down, and I expect I might get as much as another foot overnight. That's a lot of snow at one time, at least it is here! I'm planning to go to work tomorrow if possible. I should be able to, as the highways will be clear. They are very good about clearing highways, and I can usually navigate the gravel roads in snow.

I can't believe this storm! It is just huge and raw! They've said the last time it was this cold, at least here in NM, was in 1967. I remember that! I was living in Albuquerque with my first husband and son, and the cold was very damaging to water pipes buried too shallow. The city was in shock. I don't remember just how cold it got, but we stayed in, much like we did today. I'm glad storms like this don't happen but every 40 years or so! It stinks!

I don't mind snow. In fact, I love snow. I don't like extreme cold like this! I'm glad I was able to stay home today, and although tomorrow is going to be even colder, I look forward to getting out for part of the day. It will be good to see faces and busy myself with more work than what I brought home with me for today!

If you're in this mess, be careful! It's icky!! Beautiful, but icky!


  1. Sounds like you're getting hit hard by this storm. Hope you stay warm, dry, and safe.

    Lovely pictures of the sunrise!

  2. SVB, I am, but not as hard as other parts of the nation. It's just that we don't usually get this, so it is hard to take, you know? Thanks for the concerns, and I will take care. :)

    And thanks on the pictures!

  3. Hi Lyn,
    We didn't get but a dusting of snow but it was over a layer of ice, no school today! Very cold here too. 8 degrees! My dogs were the same way, in and out, very quickly, LOL!! I was grateful since I walk them! Stay warm and dry Lyn. Love Di ♥

  4. You put me to shame. Though we were predicted to get a foot or more of snow, we ended up getting six inches or less. But we still stayed home anyway since we had already announced we weren't coming in.

    I usually get that S.A.D. in the winter but have found that a trip to Florida helps. So we've done that the past few years.

  5. Two feet of snow is a lot no matter where you are at!

  6. Di, we were supposed to get ran on Monday, preceding this snow and bitter cold. I'm SO glad it started with a dry, light snow!And yes, I'm in, warm and dry! Thanks, Love ya!

    Dave, staying in with this kind of cold is smart, regardless of the snow depth!

    One of the things I love about this area is the amount of sunshine. It is very rare to have a day without sunshine. Even those brief glimpses of sun yesterday lifted my spirits enough to make it OK. but Hey, I admire your plan to keep yourself afloat (whatever it takes to get a trip to FL, right?)!

    Judy, absolutely!!!


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