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Monday, January 31, 2011

Six? Is there room for six??

Boy, is it ever snowing! It sounds as if I could have a foot of snow. It may not all fall tonight, as we are under a huge storm that is hanging in here till late in the week, but I figure we will have a pile of snow by the time the storm moves on toward the weekend. Holy Toledo! I brought home some work in case I can't go in in the morning. If the whole mess doesn't fall tonight,  can probably go in. I'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I was leaving the house to take trash to the dumpster, and I hadn't much more than left my yard and I found a lost dog. Yeah, go figure, me finding a lost dog!  LOL! What is it about me and finding those critters?  He was a beautiful, sweet German Shepherd, and he was panting like crazy. Poor guy needed water in the worst way. He didn't want to get into the truck. Even though he was a big dog, my truck is big, too, and he just looked at the open door like "You are kidding, aren't you?"

Fortunately, he had a tag with his name and a couple phone numbers on it, but I didn't have my cell phone. I backed up the road and ran into the house for my phone and some water. When I got back out, I couldn't see him, but he showed up when I called his name .... "Tiny"!! Yep, that huge dog, probably 80-85 pounds is named Tiny!! Anyway, I gave him the water which he gulped down in nothing flat, and while he did that, I called the phone number on his tag.

The man on the phone was startled, because he said Tiny was outside just a half hour ago! We talked about where each of us were, and we were both surprised that Tiny had traveled nearly two miles! We agreed to meet about half way, which was on my way to the dumpsters. Then, I had to coax Tiny into the truck! He did get in, but it was a bit of a struggle for both of us!

David, Tiny's owner, was really glad to see him and vice versa. We figured out how he got there. One of my neighbors, Bill, is a handyman, and he had been at David and Tiny's house doing some work. When He left on his ATV, Tiny followed him. David didn't think about it, because he has followed the man before, but usually turns around at the end of the driveway, so David went back in the house! Poor Tiny had followed until he was lost, apparently, but he was still following Bill's scent! Amazing!

I'm glad Tiny is home. He is a really cool dog. If I had room for a big dog, he would be a good candidate for living at my house! He stole my heart, but to be honest, it's a rare dog that doesn't! Heaven help me if I find one of these lovable furries with no locatable home!!!

Are any of you watching "Harry"? It's that new show on NBC with Kathy Bates. I'm liking it! She represents the kind of lawyer I'd like to meet!

Oh, and how 'bout that GE commercial with the dancing elephant? I just love that!

OK, I'm getting loopy! Back to couch vegging. Later, gators!


  1. A very lucky dog to have found you. I like stories with good endings.

  2. That cold front is going to hit us starting tomorrow but especially on Wednesday and Thursday. If you do drive, be extra careful. Glad you got Tiny back home.:)

  3. Me, too, Linda. Me, too.

    Moni, I won't push my luck. I love that my boss takes the high road when it comes to safety of her employees. Nice to feel valued.

  4. Yes I have been enjoying Harry's Law Lyn. But I don't think you could go wrong with Kathy Bates! I've liked everything she's done especially "Misery"!
    I'm so glad you were able to get Tiny home. My one dog Roxy was a stray, she is the sweetest dog! You have a good heart!
    I hope the snow doesn't keep you in for long, let us know!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Di, You probably know by now that I stayed home today. The snow has slowed, but I already have nearly 9 inches. Tomorrow will be bitterly cold, but the roads will be clear and I'll likely venture into work for a while.

    Yes, Bates is a great actress, IMO. I'll usually watch anything she is in.

    You know I can't ignore an animal wandering. I just can't. :')

  6. Well done for being brave enough to deal with Tiny. I take it he was friendly enough, even though he wasn't too sure about getting into a strange vehicle. He's a lucky dog.

  7. Freda, Tiny was very friendly and very sweet. His hesitance was more about the size of the truck I think. My truck is big, and the step into it is very high, even for a large dog such as Tiny. When David got ready to put Tiny in his own pickup, he got out a box for Tiny to step on to get in.

    To everyone:
    You know, I've thought about it, and while I wouldn't seek another dog to bring home, if Tiny had been a true stray and I couldn't find his home, I'd certainly make room for him here. He couldn't sleep on the bed, of course (!!), like these little ones do, but he'd be welcome at the foot of the bed on a big soft cushion!

  8. Glad the dog had a tag. If he got lost his owner would have been very sad. You did a good thing for him.

    Good karma for the day.

  9. Me, too, Merikay. I feel so bad for people and animals who become separated. It's happened to me, and it is heartbreaking. It feels so good to see a reunification. :)

  10. oh, I was pulling for you to have a shepherd! they would have so much fun corralling your big-little crew!

    lol glad he found his way back to his owner!

  11. Beans, I've had a shepherd in the past and, as you know, they are precious. I wouldn't have minded but for the space i n this small house and the food bill!!

  12. I saw an episode of Harrys Law on Saturday. Loved it. Hope it doesn't get cancelled! Not sure what its regular time is but I think it is 10 o'clock which is a time I don't usually watch tv.

  13. Mary, I hope so, too. It is good enough, I'd be surprised if it is canceled. It's on Monday night here. Of course, the time is subject to the local station's choice. I hope you can see it!


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