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Saturday, January 29, 2011

There are plans and there is reality

I began to do housework earlier today. I did some, but when I realized it was a nice sunny 54° outside, I decided to take advantage of it and go to the deck and trim and groom the pups. I didn't get them all done. But I got three of them finished. I'll do the last two tomorrow and bathe all five.

Lolita and Maxwell have heavy undercoats, and they were really, really matted. I had to go very slowly and carefully to get all the "cotton balls" out of their fur. I could hardly believe it, because I gave everyone a thorough, all-the-way-to-the-skin brushing just a few days ago, so I can't figure out why in the world they are so matted in such a short time. I'm guessing that their tumbling, wrestling play has done it. Anyway, I got it all out and cut the fur on them down to about 2-3 inches, so perhaps they won't tangle up again too soon but they also won't freeze in the cold spell that is coming Tuesday and Wednesday. I also got Jazmyn done, but she has a beautiful silky coat of fur and there was no significant tangling on her, so I didn't have to cut her short. Joey will be groomed tomorrow, and he is another one that tangles easily, but I check him and he doesn't have 1/4 what those two did. And Sam's turn is tomorrow, as well.

By the time I was finished with them, I was freezing! The wind was blowing pretty strongly, and I knew that cooled it off a lot. I cleaned the deck, put the tools away, and when I came in the house, I saw that the temperature had dropped to 48°. Uh, yeah, that 6° drop and the wind coming up really made a difference! I've been in for over 30 minutes, and I'm still a little chilled. I didn't realize how cool I'd gotten. I guess I was really concentrating on those dogs! I had on a lined nylon running suit with sweats underneath, so I thought I was well enough dressed Well, there I go thinking again!

I'll get the housework done, too. There really isn't that much of it, and I can work it in around the really important stuff (my babies!) this evening and tomorrow!

For the record, I slept solidly last night for nearly nine hours! I was really refreshed this morning. I spent over an hour lolling in bed with the dogs, and it was great! I also stayed in my jammies till mid morning! Wooo hooo! Yeah, I'll get used to the new schedule with time, and all will be well.  :) 


  1. It was 41 here yesterday and it felt like spring! But I imagine that when the wind blows in the mountains that it's much colder!
    Roxy has long hair but I don't have much trouble with her. Ruby on the other hand has short hair and sheds up a storm after I bath her. Just awful!
    So glad that you got to sleep in Lyn. I'll bet that felt like heaven!
    Love Di ♥

  2. It's funny how different their coats can be. The ones with soft, snuggle-able fur can really mat up, but I've not had it do this before. I admit I haven't been brushing them as often as I should, but this was in just a few days. Since we are going to have snow again this week I wanted to be sure their coats are in good shape. The get the snow in the fur and it is an unholy mess! I'm really glad Jazi has the silky fur that tends to not mat and Sam, while his fur is thick and can mat, is easy to brush out. His goes into dreadlocks instead of matting. Perhaps that is the poodle in him? I donno.

    Thanks, Di. I slept well again last night, and took my time getting up. I'm feeling recharged and ready for tomorrow. Well, except for the upcoming weather! brrrrr!

  3. I think I remember hearing somewhere that you can use a bit of hair conditioner on the dogs. I don't know if it would help or not.
    It was 49 and sunny hear today and they are saying we're supposed to start having ice storms tomorrow, Tues. and Wed. WTF????
    Love Di ♥

  4. I have a dog conditioner which is better. It has a ph that is made for them. And yes it does help. I didn't get around to bathing them today. I did a bunch of things around the house, and by the time I was done with that and trimming Joey and Sam, I was just too tired. We'll get it done. Eventually!

  5. Sounds like a good day of accomplishments. Weather here is in the single digits in the early morning and mid teens by afternoon. I'm ready to leave for the southwest...only a week to go.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. HC, right now it is cold here, too, but by the weekend, it will be back up to more reasonable temps. Are you headed to NV?


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