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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon

This shot is a little blurry, but it is a cool photo, nonetheless.

But this one .... knocks my socks off!!
That was an awesome experience!!

I have to laugh at myself. I was checking the eastern sky ever five minutes .... yes, I set the time so I would miss it .... and when it peeked over the mountains, it was breathtaking! I grabbed for my camera .......... and realized I'd left it n the car!!!! I made a mad dash and before I could get it focused, the moon was already all the way up. Sheesh! I'm such a goober! I knew I wanted to take pictures, so who didn't I check it earlier, make sure the batteries were charged, etc.?? No, that's too logical. Oh well, those are still great pix.

This has not been my day. I got ready to go to lunch with some friends,, and when I walked to the car, I discovered that I had locked my keys in the car. Damn. A neighbor tried to help, but he couldn't get it open, and I had already called AAA. The driver got here, but he had some trouble getting the door unlocked, and by the time I could have gone, it was more than 2 hours past the lunch time. So I stayed home and did house and yard work.

I didn't work really hard, but I got a lot done. I gave my garden the first watering of the season. I'm seeing some little points of green out there, so it won't be long before I can see what damage the deep freeze did. I also watered all my plants and cleaned the back yard, too. I'll water the grass in the back tomorrow, as it is beginning to show some green, too. I'm eager for everything to grow and bloom.

I have to trim Max tomorrow. I've done all the others. They all developed a thick undercoat during that cold weather, and when it began warming up, it came loose, but instead of shedding, it formed a carpet about 1/2 inch off their skin. I couldn't brush it out, and the de-tangler was not working well because it was so thick. So I began just whacking it off with big scissors. Joey, Jazi, Sam and Lola look better, but it is a rough cut. I've made an appointment with the groomer for next week, and she will make them all cut again. I left Max till last because he isn't as thick coated as the others.  But tomorrow I'll lighten his load, too.

I'm glad it is spring. I didn't hate the winter here, but I'm still glad to see warmer weather.


  1. I got some shots of it too, but did a different blog tonight... maybe tomorrow. We still have AZ local channels on our DISH and they're calling it THE BIG MOON.. so original!

  2. We were at a social gathering last night and talked about the moon. One of the gals at our table was from Cinncinati (sp?) and wondered if there they were seeing the same moon. OMG I hope she was kidding!!! Another woman sitting beside me asked if she heard correctly. Still lots of snow here but my grass is showing front and back...its still too cool to do anything outside. Right now it is -4 C which translated is approx 24 F I am anxious to get the windows cleaned....but not today.
    Enjoy your day of rest HA!!!!

  3. MM, I've come to the conclusion that AZ (at least many of the inhabitants) goes out of their way to be "original," or "special," or "better." But that's just my opinion. ;D

    Ruth, I hope she was kidding, too! Goodness! I've given up cleaning the outside of my windows. I do the inside, but doing the outside is an exercise in, well, exercise! They are spotted and dusty in just a few days. OK, OK, I'm lazy, too!

  4. Yours is the only exposure to super moon I had as Madison and I went to bed at 6:15 pm! Sucks about the keys, I hate little annoyances like that but love that you did not let it ruin your day. Yay for Spring & shoots of green!

  5. What a wonderful moon! Ours last week was just milky and luminous. I'm glad I only have one dog to get trimmed....... although on second thoughts..

  6. Your moon photo was beautiful Lyn. Maybe now I'll get some good sleep!
    I need to bathe my doggies and give them a good brushing. Thanks for the reminder! Love Di ♥

  7. We had super heavy rain and clouds last night and tonight. No full moon visible. Super or otherwise.

  8. I was going to shoot the moon too but we had company late and by the time they left, it was too late to set up. My wife and I settled for a moonlit drive instead. Still very pretty.

    I saw some green daffodils peeking up alongside the house but we have a winter storm warning today so they may have been peaking, er, peeking too soon.

  9. Well, skittle-de-do. I had a long message responding to each of you, but when I clicked on "Publish" it disappeared. So I'll just say ....

    Hi, y'all and thanks for dropping by!

  10. The moon was gorgeous Saturday night. It was fun being at 10,200 feet because it seemed like the moon was so much closer. I really wish I had a nice camera because I took pictures, but they were crappy.

    Sorry about having to miss your lunch with your friends, but glad you were able to get back into your truck.


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