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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Duty and cuties

My neck and shoulders h.u.r.t. I've spent the last few days hunched over the computer at work, and it is getting to me. But what I'm doing is going to make a tremendous difference in my ability to do the job.

The person I replaced apparently had very good organization skills. The problem is, she didn't think like I do. Her organization makes little sense to me. I struggle to find things in computer files or physical files. She understood her thought process and probably knew right where things were, but I've been struggling with it. She named files in the computer differently than the title of the document. A document titled (right at the top of the form) "Checklist for Cutting Toenails" might be titled on the icon, "Grooming." And, of course, those are both silly names, but you get the idea. It's just harder to find.

Another problem is one that many of us do. On my computer here at home I have dozens, maybe hundreds of file that are old, unused and probably should be trashed. But I rarely get around to weeding it out of the computer. This has been a problem for me because when I look for a file, especially when I'm using it for a task I'm just learning, I get very confused when I find 2, 3, or even 4 of the same document, each with some differences from the others, and I have to figure out which is the correct one.

Sooooo .... I've spent these recent days sorting files and moving the older ones into a folder called "Unused Files." Later, I will try to go through it and figure out if there is any reason to keep them. The good part of this is that in doing this, I'm learning a ton about the job, understanding more each day, and feeling more in command. I've also taken time to really evaluate the forms and make some changes to make them more useful for me. It is also helping me to write a step-by-step manual for all my job tasks. This is so that if someone needs to step in and do my job, it will be easier for them than it has been for me.

I've also created a few new forms to help with tracking certain activities that are essential to be done completely, correctly, and timely or the agency doesn't get paid. Federal and State agencies get very wonky about that sort of thing! The woman who did the job before knew every in and out of it, and she didn't need the reminders, but for me to learn and for people who fill in for me or follow me, it will be a godsend.

Since I've been home, I've had my aroma herbal pack around my neck and shoulders. I reheat it every half hour or so, and the muscles are finally beginning to relax. I'll live.

I got the dogs groomed today, and they look so cute!

Max is so good about posing for me. Sweet, handsome dude!

And Lola, as usual, won't look at the camera when I want her to!

Jazi seemed bored with the "sit still" stuff.

The girls were watching birds at the feeder.

Dear, sweet Joey. He just looked at me and froze! He's such a luv!

But Sam! He couldn't stay awake!

But asleep or awake, he is adorable!

I've been noticing some cool signs of spring as I drive around lately. Colts and calves and fawns are everywhere! I love seeing the babies in the pastures and the forest. Such a nice reminder that the cycle of life goes on, in spite of any one of us.  

Life is just pretty good at my house. How 'bout yours?

PS - Humorous .... have you noticed when you publish a post to your blog, on the subsequent page where it says "You're blog post published successfully" that some ads come up to the right of the page? I just realized that those ads are based on the content of the post! There were ads for a chiropractor, a pet grooming school, and an employment lawyer!


  1. Doggies look very nice. Will this keep them thru the early summer?

  2. Ya, I've noticed those adds too, big brother is watching. I tried to make guidelines for my employees to follow when I owned my business, but it was difficult to get them to actually follow what I had taken the time to create. Usually for me its my eyes that are tired after a long day on the computer.

  3. Merikay, yes, it will last a while. I can keep them trimmed up, too, for quite a while, but 1-2 times a year, I have to have professional help to put them back in shape. I used to do my own grooming, but a combination of me getting old and having too many little furry darlings to keep up with has conquered me! LOL!

    Teri, my eyes are taking a hit, also. I'm now keeping Genteal eye drops in my desk and my purse. It's helping!

    As for the forms, I've not had trouble in the past with employees using the forms, probably because I am a fanatic about streamlining and avoiding duplications. I detest heavy duty repetition! In this job, the problem is we are dealing with the clerical morass of paperwork created by Medic*re. What I'm trying to do is avoid more duplication than is required and to be sure that we don't drop the ball along the way. It s very easy to become confused in that maze!

  4. Hi. The pups are cute. About time you posted some pics of them. And, once you get done organizing them files you'll be so pleased.

  5. Doggie woggies look great. Are they happy with their new do's?

  6. Yes I have noticed the ads, it is funny, just like they do on facebook. Joey and Max are so cute. They all are but I love that those two let you take their photo, very cooperative of them!
    When I started my job as church secretary over seven years ago, I had the same problem. The previous secretary had too many accounts that could have been condensed easily enough. As for filing, UGGGG, it took me nearly two years to get all of the church records organized by year and filed in file boxes. We're talking over forty years of files all mixed up! I even managed to find a copy of our very first church bulletin in which our weekly contributions were a little over $10.00 ! I framed it so that everyone could see it. Now all one has to do is to look one the file box for the year to find information. It was worth it though, I found lots of interesting info during the process! Love Di ♥

  7. Oh my gosh...your babies are so cute with their haircuts. Sophie has an appointment next Tuesday to get her haircut...and of course it's suppose to be cold with snow next week. Oh well...

    I have noticed a lot of signs that spring is right around the corner. As I was driving to and from CO there were sooo many baby cows; which BTW I woudl love to have one as a pet. D said she would accept Sophie into her home, but no way in hell would she let me have a baby cow. She's so mean. :-)

  8. Great pics of the babies! I see what you mean about how we are in similar places in our jobs. It is difficult to learn someone else's systems, no matter how good they are, when based on a lot of personal preferences and ways of thinking. We are both getting there! Good luck!

  9. First of all, the dogs look gorgeous. You do such a good job. They are spiffy.

    And then there is the job. What a lot of work, but i sooo understand the goal. When I filled in for a library director a couple of years ago, she had nearly everything on the desk top. I could hardly find a thing. Problem was, it was her job and she would be returning. My head hurt every night from trying to find things in her files, all of which made sense to her...just not me.

    I don't have wi-fi at the condo this year, so am having a hard time keeping up. Good to see you are doing well.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. So glad to see some new puppy pix..they are so adorable.

    You need to take time to do a write-up and submit it with photos to

    I'm running out of new pets for the Featured Pet of the'd get me several more weeks. Hee-hee

  11. Thanks, Bob. I'm proud of my little buddies!

    MM, you bet they are happy! When they get clean and trimmed, they prance and strut and run around the house like little nutballs! Thanks!

    Di, it is hard to follow someone else, especially when everyone thinks that person did such a good job. My predecessor did do a good job, but she almost seems to have "protected" what and how she did it. That makes it SO hard! Once it is done, however, I know I will be very happy with the job I'm doing now. Yes, I've found interesting things, too. [one eyebrow up!!] I wonder if people have said that when following me in a position! chuckle!

    Caroline, the haircuts are actually a little early here, too, but it just had to be done! As for the baby cow thing .... I just don't understand how she could say no!! Whassa matta wit her??? ;D

    Dakota, my own approach to a job is to have the duties and tasks so clearly outlined that another person can step in and do the job in your absence. Otherwise, it just smacks of paranoid protecting of the job, and if I have to do that to survive, I'd be embarrassed at my own insecurities. Yes, we are both getting there! Good luck back atcha!

    HC, I hope that if someone has to fill in for me, they won't have a difficult time at it. We should all try to make the other person's job as easy as we can, IMO! I'm sorry there isn't wifi. What a pain! I miss your posts!

    Donna, I've actually meant to send some photos. I will soon! I've just been bogged down for a while, and I'm sorry to say, that was a low priority! As things are smoothing out to a degree, I can probably get to it soon. :)

  12. Love the pictures of your doggies. They are so cute!

  13. We have the same issue with documents where I work (multiple versions filed and subfiled under names that made sense to whoever created the document but not everyone else)
    Someone came up with the idea of putting the date the document was created with the date of each update in the bottom left corner. That solves the issue of knowing if it is a current policy but hell if you can't find the policy, it doesn't matter when it was created or up dated (-:

  14. SVB, thank you! Of course, I think they are! But the, I'm da mama!

    Mary, that is essentially what I'm doing. I'm putting a "revised date" on all that we are using now and on new creations. I remembered at one point a week or so ago that by hovering the cursor over the icon, the date and other details pop up, and that has helped to sort out what is most recent. But it's an unruly mess, to put it politely, no matter. The woman who watches our regulations and tries to make sure we are in compliance loves having me there; my predecessor "didn't play well with others," so she did her thing without keeping anyone else informed. Luckily, except for one error (understandable one) shortly before she left, she didn't break compliance as far as we can tell. I actually do well at this kind of task .... sorting out, refining, simplifying .... and I delight in making sense of insensible, but it is arduous work.

  15. Those dogs look mighty spiffy and ready for spring!


  16. Thanks, Betty! I think so, too!!


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