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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

The insurance adjuster left just a little bit ago, and it was easy-peazy! I will have new carpet soon! I don't have a figure yet, but it looks like they will replace with like value. I'll get the information and a figure in about a week. They are also looking into the trouble with the water heater that was the cause of the whole mess. I don't know if that means a possible replacement or just what. Although it has been repaired and the plumber feels it is still a good heater, I'm glad they are considering all aspects of this. If it turns out to be a faulty heater, I'd certainly rather replace it and avoid a repeat of this!

I'm going to go ahead and look at carpet at the store this weekend. I can start making choices, and have less time out when I have the figure to work with. I also want to look at replacement for the living room. I don't know if I will do it now or later, but I want to begin considering. It is time to replace it, as well.

The adjuster said that the ceramic tiles in the kitchen and laundry room look good at this time. He said that problems might pop up much later, however, and to let him know if they do, because the claim will remain open for an extended period to be sure I'm OK. Wow! I love it when things go so well.



  1. Oh, it's wonderful when things work out and the hassles are not materializing.

  2. Oh, yes, Rosaria! Such a relief to feel like the end is in sight!

  3. I love good insurance adjusters. They make life so much easier.

  4. So glad things went smoothly for you. I'm sure it was a big relief to work with a caring adjuster.

  5. Good news so far Lyn. I'm glad that the ins. co. is a good one!
    Love Di ♥

  6. We have found insurance adjusters for damage to the house fair, but not overly generous. We have had a couple of claims over the years, but also have a very high deductible

  7. Finally things are going well for you and your problems wtg. Will be nice to have the carpets done before the nice weather arrives. Sounds like you have a decent adjuster.

  8. Great news! One thing to consider about getting the carpet now or later for the living room, if it's going to be the same as the other rooms, is the dye run or whatever that's called. If you don't get it now, it might not be an exact match later on. Just a thought!

    Have fun shopping and making such a big decision!!!

  9. So glad to hear that it all worked out and you will be getting new carpet. Do you have a high deductable? Hope not.

  10. Thanks, all! it's a relief that the process is moving on. Of course, it will still be a while, depending on if the carpet I want is in stock and the installation schedule, but still ...

    MM, I'm probably not going to have it matching.Right now, most of it does, but I've decided to put a berber in the living room because of the high traffic with 5 dogs. The bedroom will be a soft plush.

    And Caroline, my deductible is low, thank goodness!

  11. Wow. It's so rare to hear a positive insurance story!

    I'm remembering an article I read about carpeting - it said that man-made carpet material is toxic (as evidenced by the odor we're all familiar with ) and the recommendation was to buy only natural fibers like wool. I'm sure the doggies would prefer all natural carpeting, if it's affordable!!


  12. Betty, I don't doubt the natural fiber thing, but the problem with that is that I'm allergic to wool! Normally, it only bothers me when I have it touch my skin, but we lived in a house with wool carpet in the bedroom, and it was months before we figured out what was causing me to have significant breathing problems every night! Removed and replaced it with nylon, and I had no problem.


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