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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This 'n' that 'n' sumpthin else

My morning started out on the wrong foot. Or the wrong toe.

A few weeks ago, the county picked up all the roadside dumpsters, the kind you always see along the road, about 4' by 6' or so. In place of about eight or ten of them, they put one great big one. It's really cool. You pull open the door, drop your bag of trash inside, and when you close the door, the motor turns on and it immediately crushes the trash. I like it because it stops "dumpster divers," and it minimizes litter around the area which sometimes blows out (or never makes it in!!) the dumpsters. It's cleaner, neater, more sanitary.

As I left for work, I picked up the trash to drop at the dumpster on the way. I pulled into the unloading pad, and went to open the door of the dumpster. Well! It was completely full, and I mean full to exploding! And it more or less did explode when I opened the door! A bag of someones trash fell out and dropped on my big toe! It hurt! And it is still hurting tonight. No, it isn't broken, because it didn't hit right for that. It hit on the edge of the nail, and I'm sure it has bruised deep in the flesh. I can walk fine and all that, but it just hurts, even tonight. What a start to my day.

I got to work and tried to call the company to advise them, but I got one of those lovely phone systems that gave me eight or nine choices. I finally selected what I hoped was the right one, and there was a recording saying that she was in today but away from her desk, and if I needed immediate assistance to call another extension. I did, and got the same message from that person!! I tried the third number given, and when it went to the automated response again, I hung up. I got busy and didn't call again. I will tomorrow.

They did pick up the dumpster today, 'cause on the way home, there was a new, empty (or almost so) unit there. I got rid of the bag of trash, and enjoyed hearing the crusher at work. I don't know why that is so satisfying to me, but I suspect it is because it stops dumpster diving. I'm always uncomfortable thinking of someone going through the garbage. Security, sanitation, whatever, it is just not a good thing.

Late last week, I ordered a new laptop. This one is still working, but it is becoming worrisome. Little hesitations in actions, slower loading as time goes on, a broken key (thanks to one of the dogs jumping on my lap while the lap was hosting the laptop), another key that just quit working a few days ago, etc. I will probably keep it for editing my photos, as the 17" screen is really nice for that. The new one is 15". I decided for portability it will be easier for me to have a slightly smaller one.

I'm very excited about it. When I compared the memory and speed of this one to the new one, it was amazing how much I am "moving up." So I decided to go with the low end of the continuum of choices with the new one. It's still 8-32 times better/faster/bigger than I have now! I don't think I need more!

I've been watching the tracking information on the shipment, and I'm thrilled that it will be here tomorrow! I even got a call from the shipping company saying it will be delivered, and I called to confirm it. Now I don't want to go to work! I want to stay home, wait with drool seeping out the corner of my mouth and lunge into the box when it arrives!! Dang! I will have to go to work and do my tasks with drool seeping out of the corner of my mouth all day until I can get home and then play! Any bets on how late I will stay up tomorrow night? chuckle!

When I got home tonight, I did  a little work in the back yard. I bought some topsoil to even a few places where there isn't enough soil between clumps of grass. I spread about 250 pounds of it tonight. Tomorrow night I will put grass seed in those spots, water it down well, and then on Thursday or Friday, I will cover everything with peat moss and water it in again. By doing a little of this every year, I have almost completed the process of evening the ground, and there is a nice topsoil bed being built on top of the rocky earth that was there four years ago. I couldn't afford to have it professionally done, so taking it a little at a time have worked for me. The soil under the grass is becoming thicker and richer, and the grass cover is almost complete. Unfortunately my first two plantings were washed away and blown away, and the third one was slightly established when a rain washed away parts of it. Finally, it is nearing a healthy state. It has been a lot of work, but the expense has been spread out over four years, which helps. I'll be glad when it is really done.

One last thing ... the job continues to work out. I'm still finding something new to challenge me almost every day, but I'm overcoming it more quickly with each event. I like the job. Right now, there is a lot of organization and revamping how things are done, but that is something I like to do. I like taking something obscure and making it clear, taking something that is in a state of confusion and making sense of it, taking something that has no visible boundaries and defining what it is, where the limits are and making it all work. The geek in me, I suppose! I wish I had that geekiness at home! LOL! It gets left at the office, I think!

OK, long enough that many of you probably haven't gotten this far. I think that is the cue for me to get off here and consider getting ready for bed!  Hasta la vista, y'all!!


  1. Open dumpsters are a source of income etc. to some poor people and they do go in at their own risk. I say let the poorest scrounge for whatever they can get. I've dived and have found things that never should've been thrown away. And what they take saves the trash man from picking up. But in this throw away society...

  2. It sounds gross, but I'm with Bob on this. It is recycling. Shred shred shred stuff with personal info.

    Once again I am amazed at how much you do, including major yard work with an injured toe. You deserve to have a little fun on a new laptop!

  3. Sounds like you have life reasonably well sorted out. Good luck for the future.

    "Dumpster Divers?"
    That sounds really dangerous. Do you mean to say that people climb into a dumpster? I hope that can't happen with a dumpster that crushes what it swallows.

  4. Well, shoot. I typed out a response to all of you, and it disappeared.

    I'll just say that my concern is health. I pick up the dog droppings from my yard and bag them with the intent to send them to a landfill to be safely managed. There have been other disgusting and potentially health-hazardous items so disposed of by me or others, and when I see those bags (not toys or household items that might be used) being lifted out I am concerned. Many people put useable or repairable items beside the dumpsters so they can be picked up without diving.

    I don't like the throw-away attitude that is present, either I'm all for recycling. I do so. Even glass, which is not recycled in this county, I take to a man who is building a "glass bottle wall." I take useable items to thrift shops, and I shop at them, as well. Today I bought a beautiful silk blouse for 50 cents! I also shred personal information and use it in the compost pile.

    Friko, I think it would be nearly impossible to crawl in the new bin. I doubt anyone would want to since everything is already crushed, and with risk of being crushed themselves, I certainly hope no one tries it.

  5. Like some of your other readers, I'm curious about the dumpster divers as well. I wouldn't think it would be such a problem out in the country, but I guess I'm wrong. You occasionally hear about the treasures people find left out at the curb. Here in town, I believe there is someone who discreetly drives around looking for stuff left at the curb that they can fix up and re-sell. I must admit that I retrieved a makeshift coffin once for my Halloween display before the trash collector could get it. I dub it a form of recycling. Makes me feel better then.

  6. Hi Lyn!
    I've missed you! It's my fault, it's been crazy here. I'm thinking that you'll have your new computer goin' by the time you read this. Have fun!
    Love Di ♥
    P.S. Sorry about your toe!

  7. Dave, I picked up a wicker rocker beside the dumpster a couple years ago! it was in the house for a long while, then I moved it to the deck. Perfectly good chair that needed a couple screws replaced!

    Di, yep, it's up and going! I'll still be learning about the features of it for months, but I'm loving it!

  8. Gosh you have been busy one way and another. I can sympathise over the toe, many years ago I dropped a chair on my big toe. It was broken and had to be put into a mini-plaster. I limped for weeks.

    Hope the new technology lives up to expectations. I got an ipad this week so consider myself very fortunate.

    Every Blessing

  9. Hi there!

    Those dumpsters sound good! In some parts of my country, we just hang our plastic bags on gates which is unhealthy so residents of the area are now forced to run after the garbage truck when it honks its god-awful horn.

    I like how you explained that "geekiness". Sometimes I got that in me, making blurry things clear.

    New gadgets are fun to wait for!

  10. Freda, my toe is actually fine now, but it's odd how a little thing can slow us down, isn't it?

    I'm enjoying the new laptop SO much! I considered getting an iPad, but decided the laptop replacement was more practical since mine was just limping along. I still might indulge in one at a later date. How are you enjoying yours?

    HalfCrazy, glad to meet you!

    Yes, I think the dumpster will be good, and certainly better than your system!

    Yes, there is a certain joy in making sense of things, I think. I'm glad to know another "geek" for order! chuckle!


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