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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ABCD - Will You Take Part?

Forwarding this message from my friend Froggi Donna. I'm gonna try to do this. Wanna join?

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ABCD - Will You Take Part?

Our friend Gary France from the UK, who we met in Sturgis last summer while he was touring the US, has laid out the following challenge...will you take it?


A Bloggers Centerline Day, or ABCD, will take place on Sunday 1st May 2011.

The plan is to inspire as many bloggers as possible to go outside and take a photograph of themselves on this day, wherever they are in the world. The photo can be creative, arty, contain more than one person, be in any type of location and can contain anything else you like. It must however contain the centerline of a road and at least part of you, the blogger.

There are 5 rules....

Rule 1 - the picture must be taken on 1st May 2011.

Rule 2 - the picture must be of yourself, and you must be a person that publishes a blog. You can include whatever else you like in the picture, including other people if you wish.

Rule 3 - the picture must include the centerline of a road.

Rule 4 – you should publish the picture on your blog on 1st May 2011, along with a few words about the picture and why you chose that location or pose.

Rule 5 - when you have posted the picture on your own blog, put a comment on and include in that comment the address of your own blog post containing your own picture. 

Gary France will then pick his favourite photos and publish these as being the winners. There will be a prize of $100 awarded to the overall single winner, as chosen by Gary.

In order to get this event known as widely as possible, please copy and paste this posting onto your own blog, including the title. Please do that today!

As a reminder to yourself to take the photo and post it, put an entry into your diary for 1st May 2011.

Let’s see if we can get as any people to join in as possible.


  1. hello, have a good day and enjoy your life

  2. That sounds too cool. I'll have to think about it. There aren't that many roads around here where you can safely pose for a picture without getting run over. But maybe with the price of gas going the way it is, the roads will be less busy come May.

  3. Good! I thought it sounded fun, too!

    I can stand in the middle of most roads/highways here without a problem!! LOL!!

  4. But lots of our roads here don't have a centre-line. And the ones that have are too busy..... will have to think about this....

  5. I probably won't do it because I hate to take pics of myself!

    Hey...speaking of pictures, can you use that fun app on pictures of the dogs? It might be funny to see distorted pups!

  6. Sounds interesting, I will give this some thought. Love Di ♥

  7. Freda, I didn't think of that center line issue! I can still do it, I think, but it does make for a bigger challenge, doesn't it?

    Mary, I have taken a couple pics of the dogs with the app, and I was planning to try the effects, too. Stay tuned!!

    Di, good!


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