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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have to hurry to the bank!!

Don't ya just love "found money"??

When I was at Allan's on Saturday, there was a check which came to his house recently. It is so big that carrying it around is concerning me. I'm going to the bank today and I'm gonna party tonight!!!!

And would you look at this "explanation"?

All I can say is WTF?? I assume it is part of a class action suit or something of the sort. This has to do with the phone number I had during the months (5-06 to 10-06) when I was readying the house in Kansas City to sell.

How totally ridiculous!!!!!!! Any speculation on how much it cost to just cut this check? Then add the cost of both banks handling the transaction and the ridiculosity just blossoms!!!

Corporate brilliance. Totally blinding.


  1. Dont cash it - will drive the Company and the bank crazy LOL

  2. Swiming pools and movie stars!

  3. I do get agitated when these kinds of things happen.

  4. They are banking on you not cashing this! See, with millions of these out there, they are deducting the cost of preparation and mailing and...But, if most people don't cash these, as probably it would cost them time and gas to go to the bank, and the bank would add transaction fees on top of everything else, the consumer is still screwed royally, and the corporation is deducting all this and balancing their books on the consumers' backs.

    Brilliant logic of capitalists.

  5. Oh my lord....what a waste of money and paper.

    If I were you I would hire a guard to escort you to the bank. I would hate for someone to get a hold of this huge sum of money.

  6. I know I'm freaking jealous!
    Love Di ♥

  7. I have the funniest friends!

  8. If you drive to the bank to deposit the check, pulling out of the driveway will probably cost you six cents in gas. Better to just mail it to your bank with a completed deposit ticket.

    No, wait. Forgot about the stamp. You're still in the hole.

  9. Dave, I figure the only way to sort-kinda-just a little bit justify putting it in the bank is to do so while I'm there on other business.

    Part of me wants to frame the dang thing and keep it for posterity and belly laughs; the other part of me want to run it through to document the ludicrousy and cause AT&T the cost of the transaction.

  10. Amazing. I guess you can say that at least they are making sure you are getting what you had coming.

  11. Make sure you don't spend it all at once.

    My Beloved had one for 4 pence the other day; Why do they bother.

  12. You know, folks, I've been thinking about this. Since the companies probably legally have to do these silly little checks, It would be nice if they just took all the checks under $1, lumped them together and donated it to a charity. Or the national debt. It would make more sense that way than to incur the expense of so many teeny little checks being mailed and processed.

    If I ruled the world .....

  13. I thought you were going to say it was interest on a considerable deposit. That's what low interest rates have done to savers in the UK. It's hardly worth the effort to pay in to the bank, on the other hand it's a bit like the superstition where you have to pick money up if you see it on the ground - even a penny - so that you will never be poor.


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