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Sunday, April 24, 2011


I spent the weekend being very busy, and I'm proud to say the welcome mat above is no longer totally correct. There is still a little clutter, but it is only what can't be done till after the carpet is in place. Boy! What a weekend!

Allan and I got the furniture moved without any big problem. I hate to see the desk go, but I'm glad at the same time. It took up so much space and the credenzas invited the hiding of many, many items that probably shouldn't be kept. To be honest I just took everything out, put it in storage tubs, and after the two rooms are rearranged, I will go through it all, find a place for what is to be kept and get rid of the other. Thank goodness, that can be done gradually and at a leisurely pace later on.

I also moved the two barrister bookcases to the other room. It wasn't all that hard once I got the sliders under them. I removed one very small bookcase that was rickety, so I need to find a place for the books that were on it. For now they are on top of the barristers. I could leave them, but I don't like the look. I have to do something with my craft stuff. For summer, I can put it on the deck, and since much of it will be happening on the deck during the coming months, that works. However, by fall I have to have an inside storage. Not sure what will happen there. It's gonna take a while to figure it all out.

At Allan's house, I spent some time just visiting and looking around "one last time." I'll be back there on Saturday to help load the truck, but this was a time for the two of us to reminisce a little. It's bittersweet. I'm happy that he will be ultimately fulfilling a dream and having some quality tie with his mother, but I am really going to miss him.

Before coming home we loaded the back of my truck with a couple storage tubs of old family pictures that I left there four years ago. I forgot them, he put them in a closet and forgot them, so when he was packing, he was surprised to find them. I also brought home a few odds and ends that he isn't taking, and some of his plants. I brought two Norfolk pines, some burro's tail, a mother-in-law's tongue and several others. I'm bringing more plants on Saturday, including a jade plant. I had one years ago, and like Allan, had to give it away when I moved because of the size.

He also gave me a windchime, a very sweet one, kokopelli, that belonged to a very special person long ago. I'm so happy and touched to have it. I hung it o the deck and every time I walk near it, it chimes. I like to think that it the spirit of that person saying "Hello!"

So I will have many things of Allan's here with me. Not quite the same as having him a few miles away, but I'll take it.  :')

I'm tired! I'm not exhausted or bone weary, just been-workin'-tired! I'm heading to bed pretty shortly. So, till next time .... Peace.


  1. I feel sad for you Lyn, reading your words. The things you've taken for Allan. But they will be reminders of him until you get to visit him again! I know when I look at my mothers things it gives me great comfort. And at least you'll be able to keep in touch. I took all of my moms plants too. and inherited most of her tubs of pictures, lots of pictures!!
    Well I'm glad you are making a dent in it all anyway. I don't think it will take you too long before you have things just the way you want them!! Love Di ♥

  2. Di, I especially like that most of the things of his that I have are living, the plants.

    The tubs of pictures .... I'm scanning the old photos and putting them on Cs for the kids. I was wondering why I couldn't find a bunch of photos, and now I know! they were in his closet!

    Yeah, it's all good. Not all i life is happy, but this is all good. :) Thanks, girl.


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