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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today is better than yesterday

I'm changing doctors. You might recall I had an unpleasant experience with one a while back. I'm going to be seeing one that I know already, and he is pleasant, knowledgeable, and a good, compassionate doctor.  So I set an appointment with him in about three weeks. Nothing is particularly wrong at this time, but I want to get established.

After getting the appointment set up, I was thinking about how glad I was to get this change under way. This doc seems much more suitable for me. Among other things, he does Family Practice, as well as Geriatrics. Wait!! Geriatrics? Me?? Well, duh, Lynilu!! You are 67 years old, for goodness sake! After the initial whammy, I realized that it is very cool. Among other reasons, I've become well aware that our bodies begin doing odd things as we age. I'm in relatively good health and require no medications on a regular basis. I have reasonable endurance and strength, considering my age. But as time goes on, I'm finding little things that are different in my body and my abilities. None are truly concerning, but many little changes are taking place, indicating my body is, indeed, doing what all our bodies must do. It is simply aging.

I got irritated yesterday. I had an appointment for the carpet people to come measure for the carpet at 4:00. I got a call asking if they could come earlier because they had two jobs in this area earlier in the afternoon, and it would make it easier for them to not have to make a second trip out here. Sure, I want to get the carpet in, so I took off work early and came home. Then another call came, apologizing for another change. Seems another situation was making them run late, and they would be out as soon as possible.

At 3:30, the phone rang again. Could they reschedule for next week? I took a big deep breath, and before I could respond, she said the person who was going to measure had a daughter in a school play that night and she was afraid if she came here, she wouldn't make it to the play. Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that. When my daughter was in kindergarten I worked for a crappy company that wouldn't allow me to take off to see her school events. I think parents should be there for the children. What got me was the changing schedules and especially that they called at 3:30 to cancel. Not during the call at 2:30. Not at 1:00, before I left work. 3-freakin'-30!!

I wasn't happy. Then she said she would come out right then. I said no. I was in no mood to see anyone. I rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon and made it clear that I was not taking off work to accommodate them again. Really, what the heck is it that makes people think they can be that way? I have no idea what happened in their world on Friday, but I was the one who was expected to bend and bend and bend. Oh, well. I'll talk to the owner on Monday.

This morning I went a friend's house and, with a few other friends, we cleaned and repaired her labyrinth. After about three hours of pulling weeds, raking, and placing stones back in their spots, it looked so nice! I meant to go walk it before I left, but after we ate and visited for a while, I simply forgot until I was halfway home! Duh! I might go tomorrow and walk it. We are having lunch for our birthdays, and we will be close to her house, so I'll see how that goes.

Today I was watering plant on the deck, and when I got to the glass shelves, I saw this ....
I don't know how the plate broke. It is on a shelf about shoulder level, so the dogs couldn't have reached it. My best guess is that with the incredible winds we have had, a gust picked it up and slammed it down. It is old, weathered and probably brittle, so I'm not really surprised it would break. I'm just surprised that it broke without me dropping it or something similar. Strange, huh?

On my way to work on the labyrinth, I drove through a ranch, as I do when heading into town.  Look at what I saw ....

Little baby cows and great big momma cows!

I was tickled at this guy, a young bull, probably about a year old. He watched me as I drove by and turned, staring at the truck the whole time I was taking pictures!

Aren't those babies cute?

Apparently, it was time for a mid morning nap.

These two looked like they were telling secrets.

I love the white face on this little guy!

Today was a beautiful day. It was sunny and mild, no wind. Just gorgeous. When I got home, I did a little yard work and then just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Life is good! In fact ....

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. We never get tired of seeing the young ones.

  2. I have the same lack of patience and understanding when dealing with doctor's apppointments. Why is it you always have to wait forever past your appointment time to be seen?

  3. The story about the carpet people was interesting, and it showed us well the dilemma you had to weigh in on. Ah,we really are at the mercy of service folks, aren't we?

  4. The story about the carpet people sounds like a nightmare come true! We have really had good luck with our local service people.

  5. I'm not sure if I think you are my hero or if I am just envious or both. At 67 you are dealing with intense on-the-job responsibilities, major physical labor rejuvenating a labyrinth, taking time to smell the roses . . . uh . . . cows, capturing images of your sunrises (okay I'm just purely jealous about your sunrises), and dealing successfully with carpet installers and health care provider issues. Whew! I'm just tired thinking about it all. Way to go and go and go1

  6. Merikay, I think their new lives represent hope for the future, at least for me.

    Judy, I hear that. I've actually been pretty luck in that department, but I also know that a trip to the doc almost always means 1/2 hour from front door to doc's face. sighh.

    Rosaria and Moni, I actually have had very good luck with service people here. This is an anomaly. We are at their mercy, making it doubly sweet that most of my service relationships have been good ones!

    LC, I enjoy life! Believe it or not, I feel less tired when I stay busy and entertained than I do when I'm not active. Life is good!

  7. It took ages before the pop-up opened up! Blogger is playing you up.

    Anyway, congratulations on still finding life beautiful in spite of being messed around by the carpet people.
    Having friends and doing nice things with them makes up for a lot of bother.

    I always thought - or at least Beloved says so - that cows lie down when it's about to rain. Is he kidding me?

  8. Sounds like your life has been as busy as mine has! Sorry for not visiting Lyn. I'm thinking of taking some time away from the computer. So if you don't hear from me you'll know why. Love Di ♥

  9. Friko, I don't know a lot about the habits and behaviors of cows, but in this case, it was definitely not going to rain! We are in a horribly dry spell, high danger for wildfires, so I'm guessing those cows were simply tired!

    Di, I'm sorry to hear that, but I understand. Take care, and hurry back. You'll be missed :')

  10. I never get tired of looking at animals and love the bebe's! :)
    About the carpet appointment. Don't even get me started. I could do a whole long PSA on just that topic alone. I truly think that companies nowadays think YOU should accomodate THEM + pay out the wazoo to do it. Stand your ground my friend (as if you wouldn't LOL)


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