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Sunday, May 15, 2011


I read a blog post over at Froggi Donna's place, Hopping Through Life, and it made me remember my own cars of past years. My cars were not as scary interesting as some of Donna's, but I had some fun ones, too. Be sure to read Donna's post to appreciate what I say!

When I was in high school I often drove my folks' big ol' Ford van. At first I hated it. What teenager wants to be drive a huge box-like van. Well, at least we didn't like it back then; it wasn't cool yet in the early 60s. However, my friends quickly dispelled that aversion for me, because I could take more people with me than anyone else!

I personally preferred to drive the Buick, the car I'd learned to drive in from the time I was 11. It was push and comfy. It had electric windows and seat, something not too many people could brag about, and I loved it.

When I neared my 18th birthday (April) and graduation (May), my parents made me an offer. They would buy be a good used car as a gift for both events. Back then less than $1000 would buy a good, solid used set of wheels. Or I could choose to have them put a down payment and make the first two payments on a brand new Volkswagen bug. The two payments would allow me to graduate and get started in a job before taking on the remainder of the mortgage. My mom was working at the VW dealership and could get it at cost, $1750.  It took me perhaps three seconds to decide for the new VW! I had decided to forego college at the time, knowing I had no idea what direction I was going yet. I was planning to get a job, and I could afford the $75 per month payments. Can you believe that car payment??

I got a sunroof. The sunroof in that day was B.I.G. It was big enough that at least two people could stand up and put their bodies waist up through the top of the car. More than once four of us did so, and several times I drove while leaning my butt on the back of the driver's seat and having head and shoulders out the top! And to answer your question, yes, it is probably my fault that the sunroof in your car today doesn't allow even your hand to be out! Sorry!

The VW was a mighty little car back then. We used to take it into the country much like a Jeep or an ATV. It would go just about anywhere! I remember one time when my boyfriend (1st husband to be) went across the state line into Southern Colorado and took off up a mountain trail in the snow. We passed two Jeeps that were stuck in the snow or slid off the path in the deep snow at the side, and I will admit that I gloated smiled as we put-putted right past them!

Years later I was driving a Ford station wagon which I hated. It was too big for my taste, as I was used to driving various VWs, the bug, a Karmen Ghia, a Fastback. But with two kids now, the room was nice, even if that was the only redeeming feature about it for me. A friend was marrying a woman with two kids. He thought he needed a bigger car than his Fiat Spyder 124, and I jokingly suggested a trade. He took me up on it!! OMG!! What fun that car was! I was a looker back then, and driving around in that little white sports car with the top down was a major trip!

BTW, the friend's engagement broke off, and he dearly regretted the trade! He was a cop, and one day I was pulled to the curb by him. I didn't know it was him till he walked to the side of my car, so I was upset, because I knew I'd not broken any laws. He stopped me to have me validate to his partner that he used to own the car! I suspect he wanted to show off his sexy friend to the partner, too!  LOL!

Through the ensuing years I drove more vehicles than I can recount. I had a Thunderbird for a while, back when TBirds were da bomb. But I didn't keep it long, as it had problems with the electrical system and I didn't want to put up with the nuisance. A favorite was the Grand Prix that I drove for several years before moving to NM. It was such a nice, sporty and yet comfortable little car. I miss it. And of course my Blue Bird, the big electric blue Dodge Ram I drive now. I love this thing.

So what vehicles did you drive through the years that you loved/hated and what are the stories behind them? Be sure to let me know when you post the stories!


  1. I'll have to write about some of those cars. This was a great post.

  2. Good! I'll look forward to it! And thanks!

  3. Excellent idea to follow. My favourite car was an Austin mini with a 1200 engine squeezed in. It went like blazes...... Ah! Those were the days!

  4. Oh, Freda, those were the days, for sure!!

  5. Fun posting!

    I had a choice between a VW bug and a Ford Pinto. I chose the Pinto because the dealer was in our small town and the owner's son was cute...

    I've made smarter decisions in my life. :)

  6. Chuckle! Mary Ann, we've all made decisions based on, uhmmm, interesting reasons!!

  7. Too many to remember that's for sure. One of my favorites was my 69 Firebird. It was a classic, wish I still had it but I do love my station wagon, Ford Focus. I've had a Ford F-150 but don't think I'd be able to afford the gas in that anymore!
    Love Di ♥


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