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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My life is reflected .... in the funnies???

Isn't it funny how sometimes the  comics you read seem to fit your life? Wel,l it does for me, at least.

Afetr my recent post about "losing it," I got a chuckle out of seeing this in my funnies this morning:
(If you have trouble reading these, click to enlarge them)

And then, there is this one:

There are some things that are almost too close for comfort:

And things like this don't help:

I figure it's about like this:

But thre are fixes for anything:

Please drop by and pat me on the head today, OK?


  1. Where do you get them all from! I hereby prepare to pat you on the head and already I feel better. I especially like the one about looking in the mirror.

  2. Freda, I live in a rural area with a semi weekly newspaper that has only 4 comic strips, and they are poor ones, to boot. I subscribe to an online service for comics, crossword puzzles, sudoku, word scrambles, and editorial cartoons, and more. For $20 a year, I have my choice of many things to brighten my life.

    Here is the site:

  3. I try not to look because when I do I see my grandmother looking back. It used to be my mother, but now it's Granny!

    Pat, Pat!

  4. Merikay, I know about that, too!! Thanks for the pat, pat! ;D


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