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Friday, May 06, 2011

This has been a long day .... and it ain't over yet!

I'm holed up in the used-to-be-guest-room-soon-to-be-office. And I'm getting a bit tired of being here.

The carpet guys arrived a little before 10:00 this morning, and began moving the heavy furniture to the kitchen and the deck. I had the pups blocked in these two rooms, so they wouldn't be under foot. I'd fixed a water bowl for them in the guest bathroom, and we had a fairly nice, albeit slightly crowded area to wait in. I figured we'd have a three, four, maybe five hour wait. Well, it is nearly 4:30. They are actually close to being done, but have a delay while doing some round steps around the big garden tub in the bedroom suite. Next they will put down a plain old rectangle in the hall and it will be done.Oh, the furniture will still have to be placed back in the right places, but that will take just a few minutes.

About an hour ago I put the pups in the back yard. They hadn't been out since 10:00, and they were dancing. In fact, I think I see a spot that means someone couldn't wait. I'll check it and get the carpet shampooer out later. They are all stretched out in the shade and seem happy to be there.

As for me, I can't get to my swing or a chair on the deck, or I would be out there enjoying the fresh air, too. It is really pleasant outside, a very low, gentle breeze and in the upper 70s. Tomorrow will be in the low 80s and no wind, but on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, that infernal wind is returning. I don't know how bad it will be. ANY wind is too much for me at this point! It is so terribly dry. I watered the back yard this morning, and when they leave I will water the garden in the front. This is tooooooo dry.

Anyway, I'm tired of being in this crowded room, and I will be very happy when this is done. I know I'm going to love the new carpet, the new look, but this is tiring. I guess this is my payment for the future enjoyment, right?

I'll do some pictures later. It may be a few days, because it is going to take time to put everything right again. The thing is, I'm not putting everything back without going through it to cull what is "dead weight." Smart, but tedious!



  1. I'm hangin'! But the fingernails are beginning to feel the stress! LOL!

  2. You are going to have a busy two days Lyn and that is probably a good thing; just don't over do it.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and try to enjoy it in spite of your losses. I know you really were not prepared for your sis leaving so suddenly, but sometimes that is how it goes. Take care dear heart.

  3. Moni, I've already given myself permission to not have it all done in two days or even two weeks. I'm trying to go through every box, every drawer and get rid of as much as I can and organize-down. To do that, I need to take it slow so I don't put away anything I'm not using. My goal is to have everything back in place or out of here in a month.

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Moni. :)

  4. with school being done for the summer I am going to try to get caught up with blogs at least reading them. I am excited you have new carpeting. I have missed reading about your life and your babies. Bobbie

  5. Welcome back, Bobbie, even if it's for a short time!


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