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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Owie owie....

Oh, dear. My poor Max has hurt himself, and I have not idea how or even what is wrong!

A bit ago I was sitting on the couch, and I heard a plaintive little sound from him. At first I didn't pay attention as it was similar to the sounds he makes when he is talking to me or one of his siblings. He was right by the food dishes, and I thought he might be telling me he was hungry. But then I looked more closely ....

He was sitting still with one paw not quite on the floor. I called him to come to me, and he tried, but he didn't want to put that foot on the ground. He sat back down, and gave me another little throaty sound. Clearly something was wrong.

I went over and picked him up, carried him to the couch and began trying to find what was wrong. I can find nothing at all wrong. No nails are broken, no blood is there, he doesn't wince when I palpitate the leg and the foot; yet he won't put the foot down with weight on it.

He has been sitting beside me on the couch for over 30 minutes. I put him down a bit ago, and he limped around, but he is still uncomfortable. I'm just keeping him close and I'll watch him tonight. If he is still favoring it tomorrow, I guess we will be at the vet's office to see what is up. Max is the one with the very bowed front legs, and I hope there isn't any real damage. Cross your fingers for a sprain or better yet, just a muscle strain. I surely wish I knew what happened to him. I don't know if he was outside and hurt it going up or down the steps, twisted it in the doggy door or just what. Poor little guy.

The carpet is being laid tomorrow morning. I'm hoping a couple hours, maybe three, and they will be done. Especially if I need to take the boy into town, I will be glad to have them out of the way. I was hoping to stay home and put the house back in order, but when my babies are hurting, that comes first, of course. :'(

Hope I can keep him comfortable tonight.


  1. I hope it's just a tweak or pinched nerve and tomorrow he'll be back to normal. That'll save you some money from a vet bill. Give him plenty of loves tonight! ~M

  2. Oh, trust me, he is getting lots of TLC! He's my dog that thinks I belong only to him, so he is eating it up! He still doesn't want to walk on it, but he is resting well. I still can't find a tender spot, and he lets me wiggle all his toes without any sign of distress. I just don't know! But we will have a lazy, cuddly evening, nonetheless. :)

  3. I hope he's better tomorrow. Wish he could tell you what's wrong.

  4. Oh, how I'd love for them to be able to tell me. Life would be more simple, for sure.

    He's acting better, moving around a little and not limping, although stepping gently. I think it will be OK. Thanks.

  5. Hope he continues to get better. Once when my previous cairn had a sore back the vet told me to give her half an aspirin. It worked wonders - any chance you can phone and ask the vet? All good wishes

  6. Freda, I gave him baby Tylenol last night. Today, he seems to be just fine! Thanks!

  7. Sadie has done this we know she did by jumping down of the bed, the other time we have no idea.

    We gave her a baby aspirin and the next day she seemed to be fine (we wouldn't let her jump up or down while she was still limping).

  8. Donna, Ali was a very active dog, and before he was 2 he had injured his leg like that three times! One we know he jumped off the back of the couch as we came in the door, the others, we aren't sure what happened. One time was a "green stick" break (meaning it somehow twisted) and given where he was, we think he caught his leg going down the doggy ramp. Little rascals!


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