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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

♫ Dee dee ♫ deedle deedle ♫ dee dee dee ♫ dee ♫

The Pied Piper of Lost Dogs strikes again.

Coming home from work tonight, I made a stop in town, and as I was driving through the center of town, I stopped at a stop light. A Native American man was pushing a carrier with two babies in it across the street in front of me, and a little dog was following him. I was concerned about the little dog not being on a leash, but some people do that. The little dog was staying right at his heels. However, as he reached the curb, the man turned right and the little dog started to go straight, stopped and then followed the man. He looked over his shoulder at the dog and kept walking.

It occurred to me that it didn't look as if the man was concerned about the pup, nor did he seem connected. I rolled down the window on that side, and I asked if it was his dog. He said "no," that the dog had been following him for a long way. I asked if he had a tag, and the man said he did. I asked if he would hand the dog to me, and he smiled, swooped the little dog up and handed him through the window.

I pulled ahead and found a place to stop at the curb. I called the number on the tag and asked if this was Mary. She said yes, so I introduced myself and said I had "Pacho" with me. She gasped and said she would be right there. When I told her where I was, she gasped again! She said he was really far away.

I don't know how far it was, but it took her about ten minutes to get there. Meanwhile, Pacho and I got to know each other. He was a very friendly little guy! I think he was a very small Jack Russell mix, and the sweetest thing! He was completely at home in the car and with me, alternating between my lap where he looked into my eyes and  or the console or looking out one of the windows.

Mary and her husband/boyfriend arrived, and the man took Pacho in his arms. They both thanked me profusely. Apparently they both knew Pacho went out, and each thought the other let him back in. Mary, with tears in her eyes, said he has gone off before, but never so far, and never down on the main drag. He said, "we gotta change this."  I followed them down the street, and it was about eight blocks before they turned off to a side street. I have no idea how much farther they went, but that was quite a distance for such small legs to go!

About four blocks farther and I turned off to another major street, and right around the corner was a female dog who obviously had nursing pups somewhere. She was standing on the sidewalk, looking like she wanted to cross the three busy lanes. Oh, no!! I pulled off immediately, and when I got out, she was no where to be seen. I have no idea where she went. I looked around, but saw no sign of her on either side of the street or around the buildings. I just hope she got back to her babies alright.

I still don't know what it was with me and the lost animals, especially dogs. Whatever, I'll continue to rescue and reunite as many as I can.

Some day I've had!

Think I'll go "pipe" myself to sleep.

♫  Dee dee ♫  deedle deedle ♫  dee dee dee ♫  dee ♫


  1. A good deed was done for Pacho! I hope he wlll be watched more carefully, but somehow I doubt it.

  2. My heart lept at the stories of the dogs on their own. Well done for reuniting Pacho with his companion-adults.

  3. I'm glad I was able to find his people quickly. Sometimes it has not been so, and I've brought them home for a while. This would have been a 20 mile separation for Pacho!

    Whatever it is, I'm just glad to be there when I am for some of these little sweeties.

  4. Wow....I am just amazed at how many stray and wandering dogs you find and are able to reunite with their owners. You are such an angel.

  5. Good deed done, good job. It's great that the owners appreciated it too. We had some locals whose dog constantly wandered into our neighborhood. The kids would take him home, but sooner than later the dog would be right back. Some people care more than others. Thankfully you're one who cares.

  6. Bless you for taking the time to help an animal in distress. Shows that you have compassion and a kind heart.

  7. Caroline, I've accepted that for whatever reason, I've been selected for this job. I'm 100% OK with that! Thanks.

    Dave, in these situations, you never know for sure how well people take care to keep the animals safe, but I choose to believe it just happens to us all. If you remember, my Max took a holiday last March, and I do a lot to keep my "kids" safe. I'd rather trust people. Thanks.

    SVB, thank you. I really love animals, and I wonder at ties if they sense that. I hope so. :)

  8. I think animals are very aware of those who show love and kindness to them. I do not trust people who do not like animals.


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