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Monday, May 09, 2011

What a difference ....

.... a few hours can make!

This morning, I got up to make coffee and go back to bed for a while, and when I looked out the window, there was a vivid sunrise. I couldn't help but think how it looked almost as if there were a humongous fire behind the Capitans. Well, yes, I know, there really was a humongous fire, but I mean one that is less that humptygoobly light years away.

This was taken just after 5:00 AM.

It was really beautiful. I enjoyed it a couple minutes, then grabbed the camera, and after that, I went back to bed and enjoyed my coffee while I checked email and posted the picture on Facebook.

Then I showered and got ready for work. My work day was very busy and productive. Unfortunately, it was a terribly windy day. It seemed worse than it has been, even on the days I've complained recently. Every time I walked from one building to the other today was brutal. Either the wind was super strong or I'm just getting more sensitive to it. We've had several days without significant wind, so perhaps it was that break was what made me more aware, I don't know. I can tell you that when I made that walk between buildings several times, I was miserable. I had worn some dangle earrings, rather long ones, and the wind was whipping them against my cheeks, and it was painful! I know that sounds like a whine, but it was uncomfortable as heck!

I left to go on a visit with a volunteer and after that headed home. On the way home I was noticing the sky was icky. If only it were clouds holding rain!! But no, it was a complete overcast of sand/dirt, whatever gets carried up with that snarky wind!! It really did look as if we were going to have a downpour.

At home, I looked at the Capitans again, and I had to take another picture to show you the difference from this morning. I took this one a few minutes after 4:00 PM ....

That's taken at almost the same spot. If you notice the line of the ridge closest, you'll see the similarity. Isn't that interesting? As I said, if only it had been rain, not dirt. gah.

C'mon, monsoon season!!!


  1. One thing I have found interesting in the year I have been on Blogger is the different weather conditions around the country. You are battling winds and hoping for rain. And along the Mississippi they are looking at flood water.

  2. You know, I think we hear about these things on the news, but it doesn't sink in as it does when we hear it from "real people." Somehow it has greater impact when it someone we "know," doesn't it?

  3. Wow the pictures are amazing Lyn. Is that a huge house in the center of the photo? You do have a spectacular view! Love Di ♥

  4. Di, the house is not really huge. It is big, a 2-story, but I'd guess 2200-2500 sq. ft. or so. I love my view. Soooo much!

  5. I'm hoping you'll have rain soon. Surely it will come. And I hope you're feeling better today than earlier in the week. Take care of you.

  6. Thanks, Mary Ann. The weather prognosticators say we are in for a good monsoon season. I surely hope they are right. And thanks, I'm on my way to better. :)


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