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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

el primer día

Or Day One, as we say in the US
Tuesday, June 14

Note: I'm having trouble uploading photos/maps, so click here to see the location of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

And here is a map to give you an idea of the state itself.

This is a nice zoomable, topographic map of the state.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The early part of the day was uneventful. I left home pretty much on time, the drive went well, and I was at the airport ready to go. I found the parking area easily, and I was pleased that it was all I'd hoped: fenced, paved, well-lit, and clean. I asked at the gate if it is secure, and the young lady said yes, it is manned 24/7 and with the multiple shuttles running every five minutes, there is constant activity. I felt good about it and for $4 a day, how could it be better?

I was dropped at the airport, checked in and began waiting by reading. I love my Kindle! I read two short stories on the way down, and most of a short noel on the way home. What did I do before Kindle when I traveled? Carried a book and read magazines. I still read the magazines; I love to look through Skymall, the catalogue that is on almost all flights There are always some interesting do-dads that are new to me in that. You know me,  I love my gadgets and "stuff."

I have not flown on such a small commercial plane! I wrote down the type, but I don't know where. Anyway, it had one seat on one side and two across the aisle (1+2), and it felt so tight! The last flight I took was to Hawaii where the seating was 2+3+2!! I expected it to be a rough flight with such a small vehicle, but once airbourne, it was one of the smoothest and quietest flights I've experienced. It was so small that as we taxied to the terminal in Houston, I almost giggled when I noticed that as we taxied near a huge Qatar airliner, our little craft could almost have moved under it, much like a puppy might walk under its mama dog! Funny!

One of my dogs, probably Sammy, chewed up one of my Fossil watchbands a couple years ago, and I'd hoped to replace it at the Fossil store in the Houston terminal, but they sold only the whole watches. Boo. I can order one online, but I'd like to see it with my watch face before I commit. Oh well.

Once I settled in the gate area, I discovered I was no longer flying anonymously! Several of Scott and Connie's friends from the Kansas City area were on my flight. I'd forgotten that Scott told me it might be. They had to make at least two airport runs every evening to pick up  people. Anyway, one couple I know well were seated right behind me with their adorable new (17 months) little son, and I was entertained for the remainder of the trip. I enjoyed their company.

While approaching our destination, we were, of course, above the clouds, and a it was becoming late we saw two amazing sights. The moon out the left window was amazingly bright. I tried getting a picture, but it didn't photo well through the double window. Unimpaired by the gunk in the atmosphere, it was glowing much more fully, looking almost like a "little sun," except that it didn't hurt our eyes. Gorgeous!! And on the right side of the plane, we had a sunset on the top of the clouds! The cloud crests were ablaze with shades of golds, and as the sun disappeared below the clouds, the colors became softer and redder. Just moments before our descent into Oaxaca began, the sun disappeared almost suddenly, and it was night! Very interesting experience.

A couple sites to check are here, and here. These will tell you about the area better than I can.

Clearing custom was easy, but amusing. There was a drug sniffing dog, no surprise, but watching him was humorous. They lined our luggage up on the carousel, five or six at a time, and the dog jumped on top ran the line, turned around and ran back. When he jumped down from the top of our bags the carousel moved forward so those bags were available to us, and the dog repeated his act o the next few! It was fairly quick, and the slowdown between was amusing, so you didn't think much about the small delays.

Soon after we got through customs, Scott and Kylee were there. Connie pulled up in another vehicle, and we packed our luggage and our bodies into the cars for the trip to the hotel. Now THAT was a trip!! The streets everywhere have speed bumps No racing taxis in Oaxaca! And when I say "speed bumps," that hardly describes it! They are humongous! About 3-4 feet wide, and I'd guess around about a foot high. Something you'd not want to encounter at even 15 miles an hour, and it would tear the undercarriage from the car!

At the hotel, we were greeted by many who had arrived before us, including TL, Lexie and Philip. I had some dinner, a variation of a quesadila that was simply humongous, and the most delicious piña colada I've ever had! It was thick, almost milk shake thick, and sooo yummy! After visiting for a couple hours, we all retired to get rested for the next day. Tomorrow was a day filled with much adventure and excitement, but you have to wait to hear about it!  LOL!

Boy, did it feel good to crawl into bed! I was not overly tired, but ready for a good night's sleep, and I got it.

Buenas noches, amigos and amigas!


  1. Sounds like a really fun trip! Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Part of it is ready, but will take a little longer, because it has P.I.C.T.U.R.E.S!!!


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