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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Intresting homecoming

I'll get to the trip and all the excitement, and I'll post pictures (I have to sort out and choose pictures), but first .....

Let me start with the end. The 24 hours since I came home have been a bit weird.

First of all, after I got in at the airport in Albuquerque, I gathered my luggage which had grown during my sojourn. I got to the car, which was parked in a really nice lot just a short distance from the airport in a fenced, paved secure lot with 24-hours a day personal on site. I felt really good about leaving it there, and $4 per day (actually $3.78 + tax = $4) was a great deal.

I left the lot and made four quick stops to get some things I needed, and I was on the road just two hours after the plane touched ground. I thought that was amazing, because I drove from the south side to the west side to the east side of the city in that time.

I had a nice drive home. I'd talked to Boy Wonder and knew he was leaving my house about 3:00. I knew I'd be home before 7:00, so that was fine. My drive home was pleasant, uneventful, and I really enjoyed the scenery, something I don't do every time.

Then I drove up my road, stopped to "chat" with my neighbor's dog, Chomar, who always runs out to the road and barks at me to make me stop. He apparently missed me, because he was much more animated than he usually is.

I continued the half mile or so to my house, and found ....  are you ready for this? ..... hold onto your sox .... sit down now .............   Jazi sitting in the road!! Holy Toledo!! I stopped and called her to me, and it was almost as if she wasn't sure it was me! I wondered if the others were out too, but I could hear them barking on the deck. I gathered her up and drove up the drive, and got her in and looked around for a gate ajar, but couldn't find anything out of place. I finally decided that she must have slipped out as Boy Wonder left, as she does that to me from time to time. She usually runs to the car and waits for me to put her in the car, but if BW didn't see her, he probably drove off and left her there.

I unloaded the truck and unpacked, and all evening The Kids were sorta glued to my side, or rather, my legs. I think they missed me. In fact, all night long, they were crowding beside me, and I had trouble turning over in bed!

This morning, I went to work, followed by doggy-glares! Down the road, however, Chomar was happy to see me. His tail was going in huge circles!

Work went well. I was very relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, and I felt refreshed and ready to get back to the job. It was good seeing my co-workers and talking about the trip. Good memories.

I left work and stopped at the Verizon store. No, the phone problems are not yet fixed. sigh. I headed home, again enjoying the drive more than I have in a while. I stopped again to say hi to Chomar, and his owner was in the yard, so we chatted over the fence for a few minutes before I continued toward home.

As I pulled up to the driveway .... can you guess? Yep, Jazmyn was sitting in the road again!!!! I got her in the truck and drove up the driveway. The minute I got out of the truck, I began looking, more thoroughly this time, for her escape route. I found a couple places where she might have squeezed out of the back fence, but it would have been difficult, even for tiny Jaz. However, I filled all of them with rocks to be sure and went back to the deck for a second pass.

I had put chicken wire on the inside of the rails around the deck for safety before I brought these guys here. My old buddy Ali found a way out and I had to chase him down a few times. I found nothing certain, but I got out the staple gun and began reinforcing it, nonetheless. I was still very confused about Jazi's escape because nothing seemed apparent. And thennnnnnnn ............

I found an area where the wire was pulled out. It was behind a large flower pot, and it was very  much big enough for her to get out. However, she either did a tricky maneuver from the deck, around the corner and onto the steps to get down, or .... OR .... she jumped about 4-5 feet onto rocks! That's a long jump for such a wee dog!! And I can't believe she wasn't hurt on the rocks!! Oh, I still don't know exactly how she did it, but she almost certainly got out there.

The screen is now stapled all to hell, and I can't imagine she will find a way to elope again. Knock, knock on wood!!! Let's all say prayers tonight for stay-at-home pups tomorrow!!

Nothing in my life is boring, is it? sheesh!


  1. Welcome home!!!! I am so glad that Jazi didn't run far and just stayed around the house. I am sure she knew you were coming home and wanted to be the first to welcome you. :-)

    Can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about your adventure.

  2. It's a good thing she wants to wait for you to come home and didn't wander.

  3. Caroline, thanks! Yes, it is good she stuck around, but I don't know how long she was out or where she went before I got here. Dang, I hope I have her corralled now!

    I'll get the pix and stories going soon.

    Merikay, as I said above, I don't know for sure where she went or what she did before I got her. I'm hoping you and Caroline are right about her sticking close to home!

  4. It just sounds to me as though Jazi wants to go with you all of the time! I understand. If I go near the car with Ruby, she thinks we are going for a ride! Love Di ♥


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