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Monday, June 27, 2011


I came home today and thought how bright and cheerful my deck looked. Then I realized it didn't look right.

No, it wasn't right, because the middle 2/3 to 3/4 of the roof was MISSING!!

I looked around the yard, and I couldn't find the pieces of corrugated tin anywhere. I was beginning to think the pieces had blown far, far away. Or that this was a really weird prank. Or I was crazy as a loon.

 I decided to see if there was damage to the roof, so I stepped up on a bench and peeked over the edge of the roof, and there was my deck roof, doubled back against the house!!

I've called the insurance company, and since it is late today, I may not hear from an adjuster till tomorrow. No problem, as there doesn't seem to be any danger from this. However, it is going to rain!! Well, of course it is!!!  I've covered a few things on the deck to protect them.

This is not my year for the house, is it????


  1. Oh my gosh...I don't even know what to say. Do you think someone could have stolen it?? It just doesn't make sense. I hope it's covered by insurance and can be fixed quickly.

  2. What a crazy thing to have happen; must have been a sudden gust of wind, and I mean GUST!

  3. Caroline, it will be covered, but now I have another $250 deductible! GAH!!! Honestly, the thought passed through my head that since it wasn't anywhere to be seen, could someone have "stolen" it? Weird!

    Moni, yes, it must have been a GUST!! It's so strange that the neighbors didn't notice any wind gusts, but who know knows what happened???

  4. Be happy for the rain. I understand it's been dry there this year.

  5. This does sound like a very big gust of wind caught your roof at just the right angle. You are having a time with your house for sure.

  6. I just hope the wind that is forecast for tomorrow doesn't do more damage! I realize they won't try to put this one back on, but if the wind blows it off the roof, it could damage other things.

  7. Alllll those months with high wind and no rain, and NOW you have roof problems right when it's going to rain? I am not standing next to you. I don't want to get struck by your luck!

  8. Can't say I blame you, Tina!


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