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Saturday, June 25, 2011

de tres días

Day Three
Thursday, June 16

The morning offered a cooking class, and I failed to sign up! I know!! Me, I passed up a cooking class! Merely an oversight. Those of us who didn't do the class were on our own. So TL, the kids, my nieces and nephew and I took a lazy morning, then we walked down to the market place. The whole group was going down in the afternoon. We just got a head start. We also visited several churches in the downtown area, including the one where the quinceanera mass was to be on Saturday although we didn't know it at the time.

Nephew Dave and his daughter, my great niece, Kelsey. Why do we have grand children but great nieces? Hmmm.

I noticed the domes on the wing of this cathedral, an influence of the Moors in Spain.

Lots of these trees around. I love the gnarly roots!

TL (purple shirt) crossing the street and niece Dixie (blue shirt) making a mad dash before the signal changes!

 I rally like the architecture. It has such a mixture of cultures in it, and both old and new.

 This door way fascinated me.

I had to chuckle at the cacti growing on the roof and hanging over the edge.

Mid afternoon, I got tired and went back to the hotel with Dixie. It felt so good to do this !! 

See those two bags beyond my feet? Those were the goody bags filled with tequila and all the condiments, chili spiced peanuts, a rebozo, PeptoBismol, aspirin, ibuprophen, a piece of pottery, our agenda for the week, and some other things that I'm pulling a blank on at the moment. It was a goody bag deluxe!!

After a rest, we returned to the market place and found the group here and there. And over there. And a few are over there, too. We did some more shopping at Central Market, Artisan Market, Zócalo, Alameda and some others .....

Niece Sheron in the hat, Dixie, TL and Brooke.

And then we found a place to sit and rest a while and have some refreshment, and the group pretty quickly found us .....

Dave with Kelsey, Dixie and Sheron.

TL and me. It was a bit humid, as you can see from the curly locks on my head!

Grandson Philip, Chris, waitress and Jeannie.

Jeannie, Kristie, TL

Dori standing, her hub Andreas (from Germany) sitting in front of her and Zoe on the right.

The Princessa Kylee lost in her Kindle.

My son Scott in in the stripes, and his brother-in-law, Byron, in the solid blue.

 After noshing and sipping on margaritas and other yummies, we called it a day. Well, I called it a day. I was back at the hotel and resting at a reasonable hour, but many of the group stayed there till late. Kelsey, Brooke and some of the other young-20s partied hardy until some ungodly hour and paid for it the next day!! Oh, I remember those days!

 I was really glad I got in at a reasonable hour, because we were scheduled to leave on a long day of bus tour at 8:30 in the morning. A few of our party, uhmmm, didn't make it out of bed! Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful pictures of the churches. I love taking pics in churches. was the humidity there? Is it like it is in the midwest?

    Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

  2. The intricacy of the Church is amazing. And all your pictures were great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I do, too, Caroline. I was a little surprised because I felt like I'd taken more pictures than I did, and when I loaded them into the computer, I almost felt I was missing some. There are plenty, of course, anyway!

    As for the humidity, NO!! It was humid, but very different from the Midwest. It was not oppressive at all. I'm not sure how it differed, but I'm guessing the altitude (around 5000-6000 feet) might have something to do with it. It was actually a pleasant level, and we had showers or brief rain every day. Nice!

    Bob, all the churches were beautiful, from the simple to the elaborate. I'm sure it is heritage from the Spanish Catholic influence. I could have spent much more time just admiring.

  4. Iam enjoying your trip, including visiting with your family through your posts. Just finished Day 2 and will continue to catch up!

    Good luck on outsmarting the pups!

  5. LC, I'm glad you're enjoying it. It is fun for me to recall it and put it into some order, too. You know how those vacations can become a big blur!

    And thanks! Even though I think I have the problem licked for the moment, I can use all the luck you can spare!

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos. You look marvelous and like you are having a good time. It was so good to see photos of Oaxaca. I do love that place.

  7. RET, there will be more pix, so keep your eyes open!


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