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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well, well, well .....

Look what I found ....

Jazi actually spread the chicken wire!! I don't know how, but that little rat stretched the wire to about 6"!!

All she had to do then was wiggle through and step/jump across about 6-8" to the ramp, and she was g...o...n...e111
 I can't imagine how she stretched the wire. But now I know my possible solution isn't going to work, because I was leaving the chicken wire but doing some reinforcement. Obviously that won't work. So next week, I will be buying some heavy-duty screen like this below.

See the difference? And it is a lot stronger. Miss Jazmyn Jewel won't be stretching her way through this stuff!

While I was taking the pictures, look who came to visit! She walked right up to the railing on the ramp, about eight feet away. She just stood there watching me for three or four minutes.

And then she turned and ....

.... off she goes!

So, until I can replace the screen, I need something to keep Jazi in the house while I'm gone to work or anywhere else.The solid door for the dog entry snaps in place, and they have learned to scratch it off, so it isn't enough by itself. My makeshift solution from yesterday didn't work. I had put a plastic tub that I'm putting things in for the thrift shop, and it's not real heavy, but heavy enough to stop them. Or so I thought! I put in in front of the dog door before leaving for work. And when I came home last night, she was again  up on the road and the tub had been moved about two feet!!

So this morning I stewed about it, looked around for things to get by until it is really fixed. I tried several things, but nothing seemed to work right. Then .... THEN .... I had a true brainstorm, light bulb over my head and all!!

I have a carrier/dog kennel in the living room that the pups sometimes take a nap in. I had taken the door off for convenience. So I put the door to use .......

They are not getting out of this door while I'm at work!! It's all makeshift, but it is sturdy!


Haha, Jazi!!! Foiled again!!!!!! Well, OK, not again, just FOILED!!


  1. I think you have secured your home from the little escape artist, at least for now. Shopping can be such fun but it is difficult when you fly, no place to put large items, lol. Looks like such fun to have a nice family group to hang with. Thanks for sharing Lyn.

  2. It's good for now, Moni. But there is new drama at the house. See the newest post!!


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