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Monday, June 06, 2011

Someone asked ....

Someone asked a few days ago about my upcoming trip to Mexico. You can read about it here. I guess I have't said much about it since then because I have been preocupied with the disorganization of my house and my iffy health. Now that things are back in order both places, I'm finally moving forward once again and getting excited about the trip.

As for the chaos of the house .... that is almost finished. Everything is now in the "right" room, in some cases in boxes to be sorted, but stacked out of the way until I can finish up. Meanwhile I have taken five contractors trash bags (I think 55 gal?  Really big, anyway) to the dumpster, and about the same amount to the thrift shop. That doesn't count the winter clothing that I have to hold onto until fall, another two tubs that I've stored till then. I'm completely amazed at what I've gotten out of this house! And I can't tell you how good it feels!

My environment feels comfortable again, despite the sorting still ahead of me. After the trip I will be able to finish up and feel good about the load of belongings I am keeping. Letting go of "stuff" is so freeing!

So you can see the change in the condition of the home has a significant effect on my disposition. Two months of living in chaos plays havoc on a person's mind. The new carpet, the organization, the letting go .... good stuff.

And the health .... I've had a digestive issue for many years. Through time, I've had occasional problems for a day or two, but nothing significant. Diverticulous (meaning it is in the inactive state) has been with me once the diverticulitis (the active stage) was controlled. In February, it became active, possibly/probably in response to the stress of the new job. My usual "tricks" were not working, and the first doctor I saw for it was an as.... uhmmm, a jerk. After seeing another doc, it has cleared up, and I'm doing well for almost two weeks now.

It is a very debilitating disorder, as it drains energy and nutrients from the body. I've been pretty run down, to say the least. My strength is gradually returning, and I'm getting better with each day. When I return from my trip I will be having a colonoscopy to check the condition of everything.

Add to all that the troubles my two girls are having with divorces and my worrying about them. Both are heading to a better level, and I'm feeling better about them, although neither is out of the swamp yet. At least I'm not having to worry nearly as much as I did before. If you or someone in your family has gone through a difficult divorce, you know there is never "over," but "settled" will be nicer than this!

So, now you're up to date. Any questions? If so, ask them now, because there will be a test on this!! OK, that's it, you've missed your chance!


  1. Sounds like your life is getting back to normal...isnt it nice to get rid of stuff that is no longer useful or needed. I love to "purge" However my hubby is kind of a pack-rat so thats always been an issue about keeping or deleting. Whats this about Mexico? Did I miss that announcement? About time you got a break and a change of scenery.

    Have a great week!!

  2. OK I went back and read about the mexico trip....That will teach me to CLICK HERE when told lol Sounds like it will be an awesome celebration for all.

  3. It's sounds like you're making a lot of progress. I love getting rid of clutter, same as pulling weeds in a flower bed. It will be nice when you return from Mexico to come back to a clean, fresh, home.

  4. Well, Mary Ann, coming home to a clean, fresh home might be a stretch .... I have a teenage boy staying here while I'm gone!! LOL! But yes, the purging is good, regardless!


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