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Saturday, July 16, 2011

de seis días

Day Six
Sunday, June 19

So Sunday morning arrived, much too soon for some of our group! This day was about bringing things to a close.  About half the group was going on to a resort on the coast, near Hualtulco. I wasn’t. I just couldn't afford to, and I needed to get back to my job. TL and the kids packed up and loaded into vans for the long trip through the mountains.

It turned into an eventful trip, apparently. Philip was still a bit sick, and the van had to stop several times, but he wasn’t the only one. Several adults were in bad shape, too. I suspect some of them were still under the influence, if ya know what I mean, but the road was extremely winding and not good for anyone with motion sickness. TL had dosed herself and the kids with Dramamine, and they managed to sleep part of the way.

The road itself would be a challenge to many people. It is very twisting, goes from around 5000 feet elevation in Oaxaca to 7000-9000 feet during the trip, then drops to sea level. I read several places that even those who are not particularly motion sickness prone will often have troubles on the road. And they did!!

There were a few who left on Sunday morning to return home. We didn’t see them, because most of them had to leave the hotel around 6:00 AM. I’m glad I didn’t have to leave so early the day after the big party!!

This is Yanek, the youngest member of our celebration and a doll! Taking a picture of him proved to be a major challenge, as he was ALWAYS on the move!!

My kids! Scott, Connie, and TL. (TL = Terri Lynne)

Getting 20-30 people in vans to make the trip was a challenge! Everybody in, oops, someone forgot something, everyone seated, no, let's rearrange who sits where .....

Scott was in charge of Kylee's bouquet. Yep, all her pretty clothes and adornments had to make the trip for pictures at the beach!

TL squeezing in, last one.

The final group was those of us who were returning on Monday morning. After the vans left around noon, we all just hung out and had a nice lunch. I went to the room and packed up, because I had a good deal more than I arrived with! It was quite a challenge, but I got ‘er done.

I spent some time in the afternoon just walking around the hotel and taking pictures of some of the art. It is my kind of art, folksy, primitive.

We all speculated  about whether they are doing what our dirty minds thought. We decided .... yes, they are salsa dancing!!  giggle!

Stained glass and metal.  The hummingbird & blossom are sculpted of metal (next 3 photos).

Toward evening, most of us met up again and had a very relaxed time, dinner and drinks, and enjoyed the soft air of the evening. I enjoyed this day to “regroup” and start transitioning my mind back into going home. I was actually very rested, considering all we had done.

We enjoyed some fireworks while we sat on the veranda with dinner and drinks. We finally decided they were for celebrating Father's Day. Oh yes, Father's Day! Did I wish Scott a Happy Father's Day? Who knows!! In all the excitement, I don't remember, and I'll bet he didn't notice either!

Here is a glimpse of the haul ....

The prized black pot now at home!

I already had the cactus and some of the bugs, but added to the "family."

Sampler tequila, chili and the "tools" from the gift bag.

This gorgeous pitcher was in the gift bag, also. The flowers are raised, gorgeous!

Rebozos .... on the left is the one fro the gift bag, the others I bought. The colors are off, but....

Mezcal "shot glasses"! They are hanging on my liquor cabinet.

This did not come from Mexico. I found it in a thrift shop, and love how it fits with my odd collection. Notice this side is a woman's figure and .....

.... turn it around and it is a male figure! The "cap" is a glass/cup. Beside it is the liqueur Mezcal, capuccino flavor.

A little drum. You play it with the stick, tapping it against the "tabs" cut out of a hollowed tree branch. (You may need to click and enlarge to see the detail.) I don't know what kind of wood it is.The two "tabs" have different sounds. It is really cool. And there is more to this story coming up in de siete días.

There was also a bag of coffee grown by Connie’s uncle and “condiments” for the tequila, chili, roasted peanuts with chili.

Packing was .... interesting! The big pot was filled with wooden carvings, coffee, chili, and other small and/or soft items. I had to unpack it for security in Houston, and they didn't raise an eyebrow. I'm guessing they've seen about everything!

Then a good night's sleep before the journey home. I slept very well.


  1. Hmmmmm! Have you ever thought you could make a great income ,maybe get fee room and board at a wonderful resort by marketing your phenomenal packing skills to vacationers facing the return home trip! From your photos of the "haul," you work miracles!

    Loved the photo intro to your offspring, too!

  2. LC, you made me laugh at that! That would be fun, wouldn't it? But they would have to let me take my 5 furry family members with me!

    Glad you enjoyed the photos. Last night I was about to give up on picking, uploading and posting!

  3. Jeez Lyn, it's a wonder you were able to fit all of that haul in your luggage. Now I think paying an extra $39.00 was worth it!!!
    I have to say I really love that black pot, it's beautiful Lyn. As are your children. I'll bet it was wonderful seeing them again!
    Love Di ♥


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