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Friday, July 29, 2011

I admit it, I'm a flake

OK, I confess. I flaked out. I didn't go dancing tonight. I came home from work around 3:30, and I was just too tired. Truthfully, I know that had I driven back into Ruidoso, I would probably have come alive and had fun, but the thought of driving the 25 minutes back to town was what got me! Then thinking of driving home late at night, over the mountain, as tired as I felt at 6:00 was just unbearable.

So I put on my jammies and have had a nice simple dinner. Now my feet are on the coffee table, and I'm mellowed out. I'm not regretting it. I know I need some rest. I've been dealing with a low level of fibromyalgia for about three weeks now, and I am just worn out. When I have this kind of discomfort from FMS, especially over a period of time, it just wipes me out.  I'm going to bed early tonight, taking meds to stop the aching, and I hope to sleep deep enough to release some of the discomfort and tiredness.

There was a change in my schedule beyond that. The birthday celebration has been moved from tomorrow to Sunday because the birthday girl is participating in a "Wellness Experience" and an open house at a healing center. I had forgotten that I planned to go there tomorrow, not knowing my friend was a participant. So that actually works out very nicely for me. I will do some work around here in the morning, head over to the center for an hour or so, then come home and do some more work and get some rest, too. Sunday will be very busy, but it will be a day of play and spiritual refreshment. A very good thing!

I'm making this a short post so I can rest, but before I go, I have a couple requests. Prayers, first for my daughter who is having mediation for her pending divorce. It isn't getting any better (although she is handling things well) as the soon-to-be-ex keeps throwing ugliness into it all, and she could use all the prayerful support available for an end to the battle and an agreement that allows her to live reasonably on her teacher's salary. (Toss in a prayer for all teachers, as they are grossly underpaid!!) Second, my step daughter is having surgery on Tuesday. She has colon cancer, early stage, we think, and is having a bowel resection. Please keep her in your prayers for a good diagnosis, a good surgical outcome, and a gentle recovery. I'm hopeful for an easy time for her and a positive result. Can't help but be worried, though, both she and I.

And with that, I take my leave, dear hearts. Au revoir!


  1. You and yours are in my prayers. You are not a flake. FMS is not something to beat yourself up with. Get some rest. Take care of yourself.

    I will really pray for both of your girls. Mediation actually worked for my daughter, thank God. It wasn't perfect, but a settlement was reached. Mostly, it kept her ex from getting his day in court which is what he was after so he could spew his nastiness. I hope the same outcome happens for your daughter.

    Rest, restoration and peace to you, my friend.

  2. Prayers for both the young ladies in your family. Stressful time for you all.

  3. Lyn, keeping all three of you ladies in my thoughts and hearts. Did you know that Reiki is wonderful for helping to manage chronic conditions such as yours? Not just a one-off session, but regular Reiki - one can do this for oneself with training. My aunt has MS, came for a session, came at a later date for training and has had beautiful results with Reiki in her life. I applaud you for listening to your body and "little voice" and doing/not doing what YOU needed. Hope you have a really nice weekend.

  4. Thanks, all of you.

    TYR, yes, I'm very familiar with Reiki, and have several friends who are trained in it. It is wonderful. I also have a friend who does Healing Touch.

    I try to listen to that little voice. So far, so good for the weekend .... I slept the sleep of the dead last night and woke feeling very refreshed!

  5. Prayers said...

    Glad you're having (had) a rest... that did sound rather hectic!

  6. Things do tend to pile up all at once at times don't they? I understand your need to rest and I hope it helps with your healing Lyn. Pain can be very tiring.
    You know I will keep your daughters in my prayers. I think your worry is quite natural. Lets just hope it all without cause! Love Di ♥

  7. Thank you, Di. I have faith that all will be well, but faith is better with prayer!

  8. This comes with prayers for each of you.

    And I am proud of you for taking care of yourself. Also, that drive over the mountain sounds scary, especially if your FMS flareup is similar to those experienced by a friend and former colleague. Hers usually came with a certain brain fog along with the fatigue and pain.

  9. I'm not surprised you're tired. Mental stress is as tiring as physical, so I'm glad you are looking after yourself. And many good wishes to your daughter and step daughter in their own anxieties. I hope you can all stay strong.

  10. Sending many prayers and healing thoughts for you all. Hope the surgery goes well tomorrow - scary, even if caught early. Keep us posted.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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