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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The weekend approacheth

And it looks to be a busy one.

The singles group is going out dancing tomorrow night, then on Sunday afternoon/evening is a pizza party and game night. I'd love to go to both, but I need to see about getting real life out of the way, too! You know, that pesky house work, yard work, laundry, the dogs are beginning to need another trim, and it might be nice to rest a little, too!

Then toss in a birthday luncheon with two of my favorite ladies, one of whom is turning 65 on Saturday.

Also add trying to make it to some spiritual gatherings on Sunday. I attended a local church last week and enjoyed the service. I may go back. The service was nice, positive, joyous, and I loved that the congregation clapped in thanks to the choir and other good news. I was especially happy to learn that the minister did a joining ceremony for a gay couple recently. We may not have legalized same-sex marriage yet in NM, but with more forward thinkers like this young minister, it will happen before long. And another friend has a holistic healing center where a spiritual circle discussion is held on Sunday mornings. I want to try it out. The discussion is lead by a Unity minister, and I'm excited to learn that Unity has a presence in this community, if not a church.

So let's see how this is going to work out ....
  • Friday evening, dancing
  • Saturday midday, lunch
  • Sunday 9:30, circle
  • Sunday, 10:45, church
  • Sunday, 4:00, Pizza and games
  • House work, stuck in there somewhere
  • Dogs, uh, not getting trimmed this weekend!
  • Rest, BWAAA ha ha ha ha ha! Not flippin' likely!!

Perhaps I need to reconsider some of this. Ya think?   Oh, hell, we only live once, so I plan to live it!!!!!!!

See ya on the flip side!


  1. May I suggest that you toss out the housework and substitute with some hammock time? :) Heck, the dust bunnies aren't likely to abandon ship! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

  2. Have a great weekend and do whatever makes you feel good - but give the dogs some fun-time as well.

  3. I will, Jenny!

    TYR, stupid little dust bunnies just keep multiplying!! maybe I'll take time to grab half of them and slow down the reproduction?

    Freda, doggy fun-time goes without saying at my house!

  4. Glad to see you've come down on the sensible side, the FUN side.

    We're all a long time dead and nobody will remember us for how clean our house was.

  5. Good Grief Girl...
    As I'm reading this, you are well on your way to this busy weekend! Hope your hiney isn't draggin' by tomorrow night!! But it will be a great time with your great friends!

    about the note on the text on my's been the same for some time now, so idk what your problem was.... hope the new glasses make a difference and you have no more issues with it!!! I love that you read it and leave comments!!!


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