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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nice when things work!!

I had a little project for the day, and for a change, my "little project" DIDN'T take me several hours!! That's what usually happens, I think it will be an hour long project, and it will turn out to be all morning or all day. I don't know if this one was better thought out or what, but it worked exactly as it should.

The dogs have two doggy doors, one in front to the deck and the other leads to the back yard. There is a platform where they can go out, then a wee jump to the steps or a trot down a ramp puts them in the yard. It works nicely, but there is one problem .... when it rains hard, rain water comes in through the doggy door. I have a small rug inside to catch the mud/dirt/snow, water from their paws, and several tie it has become completely saturated.

I once had a little "roof" over their door, but a monster snowfall tore it down. Since then, it has become blocked with snow, snow has tumbled through the door, and as I said rain has come in. I needed to protect it in some way, but hadn't come up with a remedy.

I'm talking to a handyman about a small platform deck with a cover to protect their door and mine, too. Nothing fancy, but a bit of protection.  However, until I can afford to have it done, there needed to be some fix.

So I came up with an idea of making a tin cover. Simple enough, but I needed to protect the pups from the sharp edges. So I bought the tin, as well as several feet of the foam tubing used for covering pipes. The tubing is already spit, so all I had to do was slip it over the edge, then secure it with duct tape.

A dozen screws, the foam and duct tape, and it was in place, just as simple as that! It isn't beautiful but very functional, the part that matters!

Here it is....

Look at that reflection of the sky in the new tin!

The dogs were a bit hesitant at first, but it only took a couple tries and they were going in and out without a problem.  Here comes Sammy now!!

"Mom, can I come out now?"

I'm hoping I can find a way to get the deck and roof before winter, but if not, this will take care of us for quite a while. I may have to replace the foam and duct tape, but that's an easy-peasy task!

I just love it when things go right for a change!!


  1. What a clever solution! That should solve your problems with the rain and snow.

  2. Thanks, SVB! Yes, we should be in good shape for the approaching rain and the snow next winter!

  3. Love it when innovation works! Power to you friend.

  4. Me, too, Merikay! and I hate it when it doesn't, so today was a marvelous day!! Thanks!

  5. Very creative. I am impressed. I guess it is true: necessity if the mother of invention. Well done.

  6. You're so handy Lyn. You should have your own show!!
    "The Handy Dandy Lyn Show", what do ya think?
    That was very clever!!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Love it! Well done, and I know the pups appreciate it especially when Winter sets in!

  8. RET, isn't it true? if there were never a need, nothing would change! Thanks!

    LOL, Di!! Since my rate of *successful* ideas is about 1-2 year, it would have to be a "special" show, not a regular series! Thanks, though!

    TYR, thanks, and I'm sure they will, too! Last winter when the snow was piled up against the door, they were so frustrated!

  9. Hey, sucess is success. You rate a Totally Awesome from me. I am unhandy at best, a diy disaster regularly!

  10. LOL1 LC, I'm not a DIY disaster, but I am not always successful at first! Perseverance!!!


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