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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birds, beds and bugs

I'm a bit sad as I think the hummingbirds are beginning to thin out, probably an indicator that the migration has begun.  :(  It seems a bit early to me. I'm thinking the thinning usually starts around mid-September. The consumption of nectar has dropped from around 1.5 gallons per day to something less than a gallon. I hope this is not an indicator of an early winter. I like cold weather, but I don't want 14 months of winter!! Anyway, I'll watch to see what the "Hummingbird Bar" looks like over the next few days.

Jazi seems to think I make the bed every morning just for her benefit. Soon after I make it, this is what I find ....

Spoiled little girl, that's what she is! I often come home in the afternoon to find the pillows moved, usually forming a perfect nest for a furry girl! I guess I should expect it, however, as she is The Princess! She thinks she is The Queen, but I get to be that!

Last night I saw this little moth resting just beneath the lights on my deck. You'll have to click on this photo to see him.

Pretty little thing! He's a very pale green, and almost translucent wings. I have no idea what he is, but I thought he was worthy of a portrait as one of the temporary residents of Chez Lynilu!

I'm going to go hunting for crystals this weekend with some friends. I'm eager, as I've never done this before. The place that is supposed to be good for this is very close to my house, probably 3-5 crow-flying miles, or about 10 miles driving. I hope I find at least one! It will be fun to know where to look for them, and I might well go back with one or two of the pups for a walk-about in the future.

I'm very tired this evening. I've had a very busy week, not a bad one, but I'm ready for the weekend. Just one more day!!


  1. what is your location? Seems like we have more hummers here right now.

  2. Nan, I'm in south central New Mexico, high in the mountains. It's possible they are just dining at a neighbor's food bar for a few days, but I've had upward of 50 for several weeks, and I'd say the number is half that now. It was just unusual to see the change. It seems early for migration. We'll see what happens over the next few days.

  3. There are hummers still, way up here in Montana!!! Surely yours aren't leaving already...

    Yesterday Hubs and I went mining for sapphires!! I'm blogging about it soon... You buy a bucket of dirt and then pan it!!! I hope you find some crystals! Don't forget to show us!!

  4. Our hummingbirds have been very active during the last week. But, they may all leave when the hurricane comes through.

    Jazi is so cute! Of course she is the princess of the house.

  5. Jazz is so cute and acts much the same as my little Misty. These little dogs are real divas

  6. MM, I'm eager to hear about your mining adventure! I'll be watching!

    SVB, yes, and she knows she is cute! Little tyrant! A sweet one, but she does rule the roost!

    Freda, thanks, I've thought about the likeness of our little friends. Divas, princesses, whatever, they are little powerhouses, aren't they? :D


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