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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Giggles and grins

I have a bunch of funnies I've saved, and I need to start fresh, but before I toss a lot, I'm going to share a few in series because they are just the greatest. Today is Baby Blues.  Enjoy!

And, as parents, we love creeping you out!  Bwaaa ha ha ha!

We keep dreaming of being "the cool parents," don't we? No matter how old the kids get, we STILL hope to be cool! sigh...

 No comment!!

 There are "guy things" and "girl things." Some "things" just can't cross genders.

Trust me, she may not be .....

I love how siblings, especially brothers, always have to be right.

Poor parental judgment, for sure!  LOL!


Are you young moms feelin' it????

This one just cracks me up! Some things i life are SO predictable!!! Little boys are among them!

Have a fabulous Saturday!!


  1. Since I don't get the paper anymore, It's nice to know I can still read the funnies here!!
    Love Di ♥

  2. I enjoyed the comics but I wanted to hear about the DANCE lol

    (heehee anyone ask for your number LOL)?

  3. Di, I'm glad you enjoy it. I 'll probably post a few more later today, so check back!

    Ruth, you won't believe this! I came home from work and laid down to rest/nap to be refreshed for the dancing, and I woke at 7:00!! By the time I showered and dressed, or even if I'd bypassed the shower, it was too late to go. 30-45 min. getting ready + 30 minutes driving, and remember I turn into a pumpkin about 10:00! LOL! So no, I didn't go, didn't share #s. BTW, so far, I see people I will enjoy friendships with, but no guys that seem to have potential beyond that, which is perfectly OK. For now. ;D


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