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Friday, August 19, 2011

Late night realization

Last night after I'd turned off the computer, I realized yesterday was a big event, and I almost missed it. It was the third anniversary of Jazmyn Jewel coming here to join our furry little family. (Well, The Kids are furry, me not so much!) 

I didn't want to get out of bed and turn the computer back on, but I posted a note to Facebook from my cell. I said, "Oh, today is the 3 year anniversary of Jazmyn becoming my owner!! She is officially 5 years old. Happy Homecoming Birthday, Jazi Jewel!!!"

She definitely does own me! And she knows it. Except for the Houdini talents she displayed recently, she is nearly the perfect little companion. It's hard to believe she is already 5 years old.

Now I'm also reminded that I breezed past the Homecoming Birthday for the three boys, too. I brought all of them home three years ago in June. In June this year I was preoccupied with the Quinceanera, and I just simply forgot!

June 13, 2008, Sam Wilson moved from Texas to New Mexico, my first rescue and a devoted little buddy. A real blessing and a lesson in love. In June he turned 7 years of age.

A week later, June 13, 2008, Maxwell Lee, a former resident of Clovis, NM,  joined my growing family. A street dog, he had some adjusting to do, but he was in love with me .... and vise versa .... very quickly. Max is now 5 years old.

And a few days later, I drove to Oklahoma to include Joey Jingo. Sweet natured and loving, Joey is our senior citizen at 9 years. He may be the eldest, but his heart is young and playful.


 Miss Lolita Luna came later, in January,  so her Homecoming is then, but she is the only one that we have a general idea of her birth, and guess what? It is in June! The others all have Homecoming Birthdates; she has separate ones. So in honor of her date of birth in June, here she is, too .....

 Life is complete. It is very good. 


  1. It is a treat to meet furry family! They even look lovable.

  2. Thank you for introducing the Family! I know our Maggie is such a blessing to us, as I am sure your brood is to you! Happy birthdays and anniversaries to all!

  3. And you are "The leader of the pack!"

  4. LC, they are!

    RET, thanks!

    TYR, you're welcome! Those of us who a "pet people" certainly get it in others!

    Merikay, uhmmm, MOST of the time! LOL!


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