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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OK, OK, OK, I gots sumptin AGAIN!!!

After work I went to a social/education group I'm part of in Capitan. Good meeting, good company! Then as I was driving home over a gravel road between Capitan and my house, a big, dark spot scrambled across the road in front of me. I tried to avoid it, but when I looked in the rear view mirror, the poor creature was immobile.

I backed up to check on it, and it was completely still, legs skyward. I felt so bad.

It was right smack in the middle of a tire track, and I hated that I killed it. And then .... I realized that it was NOT squashed! Hellllooooo? I took the above picture, then reached inside the car for something to flip it over and check it out. I found a restaurant carryout menu, and as I slid it under his body, he flipped over and scurried away like wildfire!!  Stinker was playing possum!!

I followed him with the camera ....

I wanted to get a photo to give you an idea of his size, so I took this one with my size 8 in the frame ....

He's not exactly huge, but he ain't small, either!  I figure his leg span is about like my hand from heel to finger tips. My hand is fairly small, and I'd say the length is 6-8 inches.

I'm so glad he was OK.

During my drive I noticed the grass is very green and the new grass is nearly as tall as last years brown grass in the fields. Ill try to remember to take a shot of that tomorrow, as several of you commented on the dryness in photos from earlier in the summer. I'm glad "Spring" is finally here!!

I just looked out a few minutes ago after hearing thunder and wondering which direction it was, and discovered that a huge cloud was roughly over me, then a space of clear sky to the east, and another storm cloud farther east than that.  Look at this photo. See the distinct line of shadow a little way out?

And the rain is coming down on the right hand side of the photo.

Actually there were two pockets of rain ....

What a variety of conditions!

And have you noticed as I have, the days are getting noticeably shorter?    :(  I wish this weather would be year round. Today's high was something around 80°, I got 1/2 inch rain, and it has been just about perfect!

That all being said .... Later y'all!!!


  1. Neat tarantula. Th bigger they are, the less like spiders and more like little furry animals they are. We had one really big one that lived in our garden for a while when we were in Texas. I was always glad to see her, because I didn't want to be surprised by it. I knew she was a female because she carried around an egg sac for a long time.

  2. They are so big and hairy they scare some people, but I think they are pretty cool! I wouldn't be foolish enough to pick one up, but they are amazing to watch, aren't they? This is the first one I'd seen up close since I was just a kid, so about 60 years! I loved it!

  3. I really don't like those big spiders at all, but it is kinda cool to see how big they get.

  4. Quite resilient says Bob who also has nothing to say either!

  5. I can't believe you got your foot so close to that thing!! No way my foot would be anywhere near it! We have been having fabulous weather also. Cool enough to have the windows open and air conditioning off but warm enough to enjoy time in the sun! Wish it would last for another 6 months instead of what's coming!

  6. That critter qualifies as extra huge where I live. I do so appreciate your foot in the photo for a size check. I have to confess, I would not be so gracious. My foot would not be any where close! Entertaining and informative post!

  7. RET, believe it or not, I'm not a fan of spiders, but I know that tarantulas as not particularly dangerous to humans. I'm rather fascinated by these critters!

    Bob, LOL! I go in waves!

    Deb, as I sit in bed with the computer at 6:40, my bedroom is 64°, and a light covering on my arms is necessary. How I love this!

    As for the danger elements of tarantulas, here is a bit of info:

    "Are tarantulas dangerous? Some tarantulas are more dangerous than others. Western hemisphere spiders tend to rely more on urticating hairs (hairs that cause irritation) than biting, as a method of defense, and even if they do bite, their venom isn't particularly strong. However, the venom of some African and Asian species are thought to be much more toxic.

    Reassuringly, there are no reliable reports of any death resulting from someone being bitten by a pet tarantula. However, a large tarantula (e.g., one with a 6" leg span) could give you a very painful wound, similar to a bee or wasp sting, ... but they don't generally attack unless provoked (although many tarantulas are notoriously unpredictable, so you shouldn't assume anything). In general, however, you're far more likely to be scratched by your cat or bitten by your dog, and far more people die from being bitten by snakes than spiders."

    And trust me, my weight was on the other foot, ready to retreat as needed!! LOL!

  8. LC, I know it is hard to believe this statement, but I really did think carefully before placing my foot there! I had a plan. Sorta!

  9. And your toes were bare! Very brave indeed. I can cope with smaller spiders but the big ones leave me cringing. And in the UK they are not as large as yours. However, I'm glad you didn't squash it dead.

  10. Freda, aft seeing his "playing dead act," I figured he was a lot more afraid me me that I was of him! I kept what I thought was a safe distance. And I'm glad I didn't hurt him, too. It's rather funny, but I am more concerned about small spiders because some of them are more dangerously venomous than the tarantula!

  11. Freda, aft seeing his "playing dead act," I figured he was a lot more afraid me me that I was of him! I kept what I thought was a safe distance. And I'm glad I didn't hurt him, too. It's rather funny, but I am more concerned about small spiders because some of them are more dangerously venomous than the tarantula!

  12. Flippin' spiders...that's the only time I miss a man in the house...I am totally freaked by spiders....yikes!


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